I have hypothyroidism and after a nasty bout of pneumonia (now recovered) am experiencing severe joint and body pains? Is this related?

Doctors are not taking me serious because I also have a diagnosis of bipolar disorder and they are telling me I am psychosomatic. I am completely stable and am not at all making this up. very frustrated and in lots of pain all the time. mostly at nights right now. pain is in kness and calfs, lower back, elbows and fingers, neck. anyone relate?

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  • Yes, I can definitely agree with you that hypo can cause severe pain/stiffness. For me the reason I eventually sussed was levothyroxine but, as you say, they don't believe you, especially as you have been diagnosed with a psychiatric illness as that is a good reason on which to hang any other problems that arise with you.

    Also, with others it is due to not having enough levothyroxine.

    The worst moment for me was when I was in a bath in a nice hotel and, for the life of me, I couldn't get out - arms to weak to support me - legs stiff, couldn't bend knees. I wont say the visions I had about being rescued but thankfully my husband - with some effort - was able to.

    This is a link I read recently


    When you get your thyroid gland blood tests always get a copy for your own records and post them on a new question together with the ranges (as labs differ) and someone will comment on them.

    Best wishes.

  • This happened to me recently...my knees hurt so bad I couldn't walk...I couldn't even get up from the toilet!!! (embarrassing I know) I told my doctor this and he just said that pneumonia typically doesn't have this bad of an effect and sent me home with no relief. I can only take Tylenol bc other meds like NSAIDS interact with my bipolar meds. So im in pain all the time. WHAT TO DO!?!!?!?

  • Hi meem

    I have looked to see your thyroid history but you haven't entered any. When were you diagnosed, what dose of medication are you on? If you get a copy of your most recent thyroid gland blood tests with the ranges and post on a new question you will get more comments. If you haven't already had a Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, iron, ferritin and folate ask for these to be done as the first two are usually low in hypo and can cause symptoms as well.

  • Hi! I was diagnosed in 2009 and take synthroid .05mg every morning. my TSH this month was 2.8. I don't have anything further bc that was all that was on my test. It's hard to get a doc to approve to get these extra tests done bc they just think that I am psychsomatic and crazy.

  • O.K. I understand. GP's think that keeping a patient's TSH within the 'normal' range is the correct thing to do. It is not correct if the patient still feels unwell.

    If you email louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org and ask for a copy of the Pulse Online article by Dr Toft and send it to your GP or leave a note that you want to speak to him about question 6 on your next appointment. Dr Toft recommends a TSH below 1 and yours is 2.8 so could go lower if your meds are increased.

    Each and every cell in our body needs T3 to saturate them fully (ask him to do a Free T3 test - he probably wont).Our cells cannot function adequately as it is T3 that drives our bodies - T4 is inactive and should convert to enough T3.

    You are not psychosomatic you need adequate medication.

  • Agree with Shaws. hypo does cause joint pain and stiffness, but would also add so do viruses, and it can take moths to recover from a virus, which is probably why doctors are not taking you seriously, as the joint pain will likely be put down to the after effects of the pneumonia

  • Hypothyroidism causes mental illness - Book "Stop the thyroid Madness". I am in the process of losing my job and all that brings!! And after four Years of extreme suffering/disability FINALLY have been given cortisone in my knees (excellent) AND after 6 years they have bothered to send me to a Neurologist who sent me to pain specialist AND voila I shall b getting an injection in my tail around the nerves n they can also fuse the nerves. I believe this to have come from my thyroid -

    read Dr Gordon Skinners book hypothyroidism then U can go see him in Birmingham or Scotland. I am also on very strong pain relief Tramadol or Zapain is good then Amitriptyline n Pregabalin for pain. And very helpful for me is Zopiclone to sleep taken 3 days on 4 days off - these meds are for Fibromyalgia n arthritis. Press for help as everything gets worse left. Good luck it can b a long drawn out journey xx

  • Dr Gordon Skinners book hypothyroidism then U can go see him in Birmingham or Scotland.very good advice .Amozon may have this book ......be strong and do not give up ..and it will take time to get over being ill anyway....and leaves you low and immune systum effected ...

    Good Luck ..lots of good advice given here !!

  • The first pamphlet I received after diagnosis (Hashimoto) stated that it effects smooth muscle. That was almost 20 years ago so are we going backward about the symptoms?

    If you have been coughing or bracing, this also causes pain but tell your doctors that you would like your thyroid to be well regulated (low TSH, high FT4 and FT3) and after that they can consider other conditions.

  • I've been experiencing increasing, pain in feet, knees, elbows and shoulders over the past 12 months. Finally got to see an NHS podiatrist who says that my hypo-thyroidism could well be affecting my joints adversely. I'm hoping that the various aches and pains may abate now that I don't take levothyroxine any longer. However, I haven't taken it for around 9 months now, and still the 'tendonitis' manifests itself. You're not bonkers, Shaws. But it's just another thyroid manifestation that comes in so many different forms that medicos can't be bothered to sort out what's at the bottom of it.

  • Humphrey, why did you stop taking levothyroxine. Are you on another thyroid medication now?

  • Sorry, Meem47 and Shaws - I see I've got lost in the thread and addressed Shaws instead of Meem47. I do apologise.

  • I found your entry because I was looking to see if there was a connection between knee pain and pneumonia as I developed both at about the same time. I have noticed for many years that I've had knee pain if I get sick but this is probably the most my knees have hurt. It may not be explained through western medicine yet.

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