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Dr Steven Hurel!?...UCL hospital

ANY suggestions?

I'm set to see Dr Steven Hurel very soon at University College London Hospital (UCLH.)

Any ideas regards him? I've checked the hospital website and he does specialise in thyroid diseases.

I made a quick phone call to the hospital but it wasn't worth chaning to Dr Gerard Conway, who is recommended by some at the current moment in time.

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Answers by Message please in order to protect the 'good' ones and so that we are not seen to be naming and shaming the rest...

If you end up seeing either of them and they are any 'good' or not - please can you email me with feedback - thanks!




I saw Dr SH some years ago when I . was desparate to have something other than levothyroxine. I was met with a cold no Hopefully he may have changed.

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Ouch! I'm in the same boat.

Very bad symptoms and levo isn't helping. AAAARGH


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Sorry but I was "escalated" to him (as top endo) and in the three appts I had with him, he spent most of him time staring into the corner and making derisive comments in response to my (I hope) pertinent questions regarding my Graves Disease. Oh, and mocking me every chance he got.

Since he does not start working on his one day a week until 10 AM, I decided he was not worth the wait.

Good luck to you. He wanted me to be a drug induced hypo, so maybe he is better hypo than hyper.

And when I wrote about him, I got censored, so well done Health Unlocked for letting patients talk about consultants with being slapped over the wrists (at last!)

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Again OUCH!

I don't know what to do. I've heard his ok too. Mines a GP referral after years on levo and after all blood work being fine but many symptoms...Apart from D3 tablets which btw is not helping.

Labs rejected the full thyroid panel (after they took my blood) on request of GP. Haha :(

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Seen this doctor only interested in money. This means if your rich then ok otherwise find a doctor who cares about patients not money.

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