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Can anyone recommend a chelation programme pls (after mercury removal): i have Hashimoto's, coeliac, p anaemia, neutropaenia, achlorydia

Getting all my mercury fillings out was the first step - but there is a long way to go. I read that the half life of mercury is 30 years. I want to get it out of where it has been lodged the last 30+ years: gut, thyroid, etc.

The more i research, the more nervous I am - i read that 3 - 6 months after mercury removal you can feel alot worse as the body stops excreting it and actually re-lodges it in glands and organs.

Any advice for a simple, common sense chelation programme would be much appreciated.

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....I seem to remember Higher Nature having a product that may just be helpful. Have not had a catalogue for ages - so things may have changed.....hope all goes well.


I'm afraid I don't know much about this other than you have to be careful doing this as chelation programmes may well pull out other, essential minerals too. I'll see if I can find out anything about this.

Carolyn x


I can't advise as i have no expertise BD, but think you're right to be very cautious about chelation. Lots of reading and research required before you take any decisions - and even then there's very mixed views out there.

As in the other blog there have been deaths caused by misuse of one or other of the more powerful/intravenous agents used to treat metal poisoning. There's different ones that target different metals. One risk is that it's possible to drop the levels of minerals needed for key processes (like heart regulation) low enough to cause problems. This piece paints one pictue of the situation:

These are or have been offered by some as alternative therapies, but it's highly controversial and potentially risky. Medicine is firmly of the view that they shouldn't be used except in cases of sufficiently acute metal poisoning.

The amalgam removing dentist who replaced my fillings was keen on spirulina as an alternative, and used it routinely himself to counter his mercury exposure - it's a natural product that by binding to mercury that the liver drops into the gut enables its elimination before its re-absorbed. e.g.

It could be a much gentler route to achieving same end over a longer time period, but again needs reading.

I was referred by a well known naturopathic doctor to a medical doctor specialising in chelation therapy after formal testing at a local hospital showed that my mercury levels were high, and completed a course using an oral agent. It caused no problem i'm aware of, and a steady improvement in my health has followed. This may or may not have been linked - there were other factors that may have contributed too.

While not a big deal it wasn't the most enjoyable experience while in progress. (it caused this generalised 'off' feeling) It's next to impossible as a punter to know what goes on in physiological terms, but it seems pretty likely that the view that these stronger agents of their nature lead to the mobilisation of previously 'stashed' mercury is correct.

I researched the topic as best I could at the time, but ended up proceeding largely on trust - relying on the fact that the medical doctor had been working in the area for a long time, and that both doctors were advising in favour.

Perhaps there's better information out there now, my experience was some years ago....



Thanks all for taking the time to reply


I came upon the above link which gives a summary of different chelation protocols


Hi BD. That piece is a pretty nice illustration of the confusion (and risks) that surround the topic.

No doubt there are answers, and presumably(?) what works/doesn't/is risky is at least to a degree dependent on our exact situation. The reality though seems to be that even the most respectable of doctors don't really get into this detail.

The perspective that a healthy gut and gut flora provides a high level of protection and the possibility of elimination, and that it's inflammatory responses caused by the stress and dietary issues that are common in modern life rings a few bells.

For sure there's a large chunk of the population that's not much bothered by mercury containing fillings....



I've seen the name Martin Budd, a Naturopath, mentioned on here a few times.

Anyone know whether he deals with this?


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