75 mcg Levothyroxine and a couple of weeks ago felt awful

Hi, I just thought I would share this with you, it might help someone out there..a few weeks ago I felt awful, aches & pains as if I had a virus. I have been gluten free for a few years (Melissa Porter's story) and after some research decided to try dairy free. I have had lots of reflux in the past with ice cream, yoghurt, milky coffee and I always put this down to something else. I am now having lactosfree milk, yoghurt and cheese and have for the last two weeks and I feel great, no more reflux, no aches & pains (although I could have had a virus!!) I feel really well for the first time in ages, having just taken part in todays webinar (Fri 13 Sept 3pm) realising that diet does play a huge part in improving your thyroid, listing some of the things that you should eat, so now I am going to eat myself healthy..... still have problems with my GP in that he doesnt listen, has his own views etc etc but here goes with a healthy regime, I will keep you posted on the outcome, size 10 here we come.....

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  • I found I was more sensitive to Gluten now, on Levo low dose.

    Definitely a factor to always try when diet problems exist.

    I don't like Levo [ or it me] and just chopped it back and feel better already.

    I think there's lactose in it though!

  • Tku for that tegz, I will check what is in Levothyroxine .....

  • I totally agree with your views and a fellow thyriod suffer on this site also went, first dairy free and then gluten free and she says that she has never felt better. She also claims that her thyroid medication in now working really well. I am due to see a gastro in November and will be discussing gulten issues with her as when I went gluten free for 4 months earlier this year I felt great. Unfortunately I slipped back to wheat and regret doing so but found it really hard to be gluten free as I am also a veggie.

    Good luck with it and I hope you have more willpower than me.

    Moggie x

  • Good luck with your gastro in november and I dont think it was so much willpower as the fact I didn't feel awful so it went hand in hand so to speak, maybe if you felt better its worth another try, if you need any help in what to eat etc I am here......tku

  • Thanks ever so much for the offer.

    Moggie x

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