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Feeling great all summer and as quick as the weather has changed so have I :(

I spent all last winter feeling rubbish while my dose was gradually increased to 125mcg and I started to feel like me again. My tsh was 0.4 and t4 near the top of the range a few months back and all was well. Over the last month I've found it increasingly difficult to swallow some food like bread and Quorn sausages?? I feel like someone has punched my throat, not a sharp pain but a tender feeling. Anyway now I'm starting to struggle with tiredness, pins and needles, numb feet in the morning just the same as last winter. Is it a weather thing? Surely I can't need more t4, I'm only small??

Does anyone else have experience of this?

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Do you supplement your VitD? I have noticed that on sunny days I have felt great, and on cloudy days not so much. I also think I have SADs.


Thanks granitecitygirl, I do supplement, 1000iu. Apart from the tired, sluggish feeling my voice has gone hoarse again and it feels like something is pressing against my throat. Maybe I was just meant to live in sunnier parts


My spirits start to plummet around this time of year, every year! Talk about clocks going back!

I'm already into lovely snug bootee slippers. My nose gets cold and numb, not a good sign!

VitD is helpful. I've got one of those clocks which simulate daylight, it's good waking up in a

bright room when it's still dark outside. xBeryl


Thanks wobblybee - I've always fancied one of those clocks but my husband gets up and hour later than me so I don't think he'd approve!

I've been taking vitamin D as I found out my levels were just above the minimum range, I really noticed a difference - no more aching wrists do you take more vitamin D this time of year? I'm taking 1000iu.


I wasn't told I was specifically lacking in VitD, but I started taking it simply to see if it would

make any noticeable difference. My aim was to try and improve mood, even in the summer

I could get low. But with all the bright weather we've been lucky to have, things started to

look up. My supply ran out, and because I felt good, it never got replaced. I actually can't

remember now what the dosage was, sorry. But, I'll be heading out tomorrow for some

more, keeping your 1000iu in mind! What a shame about the clock! xBeryl


Hi Summer01

I was taking 5000i/u's a day to start with just to get my VIT D back up and I just about live out doors!!!! Now down to 2000i/u's. Also my Manganese & Calcium were low but my Reflexologist's machine also showed that I need Seaweed extra for Iodine. Apparently it helps the body convert T4 to T3.

Hope this helps


Hi granitecity girl, I can only assume you're from Scotland like me - actually not far from you and I find the grey skies that are coming and the cold wipes me out. I ve recently returned from 2 weeks in Mexico where i felt the best I've been in 20 years but 2 DAYS after returning I felt the same aches etc . I had a wee sunbed session to keep my tan a while longer and couldn't believe how good I felt after it. Maybe we were meant for hotter climes.


I have been told that climate can affect your medication. In hot countries you need less and in cold climes more, so maybe a slight adjustment in your medication is needed.


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