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Beyond fatigue and painful feet

I had radioiodine in November and have been up and down since my levels are now 18 (range 12-22) while on 200 mcg levothyroxine. I am so tired that I have stopped my car to sleep as I just can't drive anymore. and my feet are so so so painful especially at night. Are these normal symptoms as if so I can cope it is just you start wondering if you are developing anything else after a while

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Assuming you were hyperthyroid, Graves' disease? you will be de sensitised to t3. You need to look at your free t3 levels as well as the free t4.

The tsh is fairly worthless.

If the hospital and doctors are incompetent, get the tests done privately, its around £60 and you deal direct with the lab. You cannot afford to get worse and worse, and the poorly feet and fatigue could well be just the start......

Sorry. :(



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