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Anyone with Hashimotos got any good advice about what TSH level to aim for?

For the last 6 months my TSH has slowly crept up from 0.8 to 2.2. My antibodies are still high. Although it is within range there is an upward trend after each blood test. I also have frequent attacks of swelling/throbbing sensation around my thyroid and am beginning to very more tired than usual. My doc says she won't up my dose as it is in range and there is some risk of getting brittle bones if you over-medicate! Is this brittle bone thing true or only true if you become hyperthyroid? Anyone got any tips about what to do or say to the doc? I have read that it is encourage to keep as close to 0 as possible with Hashimotos. Anyone managed to achieve this over a longer period of time? I am on 100 mcg per day. Sorry for all the questions. I get so fed up with how unsupported I feel by the NHS's approach.

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I'm sorry I can't actually answer your question I'm in same boat got hashimotos never been told hardly anything by dr or hosp I was just told this is what you got take this your'll be fine. How wrong I was to trust them last 3 years I've never felt like me infact I don't know who me is anymore. Sorry it's off topic but I await with interest if anyone does know this. I'm trawling questions on here and net trying to arm myself before next dr app try and get somewhere as I can't go on as I am (a grumpy moody zombie lol) x


Hi I also have hashimotos but my doctor's refusing me to stay on medication. And I am now a 4.3 but feel horrendous and there saying my dose is ok, I thought idea was too keep your levels as close to a tsh 1.0 as possible? What is your understanding? I also hate that in UK they won't treat hypo u til your 5.5, but in America they will treat you from 3.0. UK NHS is leaving ppl obese and unwell, I gym daily and eat healthy but am still chubby and high cholesterol :-(


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