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BMA begins offering private medical insurance to all staff

Well this doesn't give much confidence in the ability of the NHS to treat it's own staff. Below is an extract from an article in Pulse today - for the full article go to: (you may have to register if not already a member)

The BMA has recently begun offering private medical insurance to all its staff as part of a salary exchange scheme, which the body claims does not contradict the association’s support for a publicly funded NHS.

The association says it has introduced a policy by which employees can exchange part of their salary for private medical cover. A BMA spokesperson said the policy does not result in any costs to the BMA and is an staff member’s individual choice.

They also clarified that the BMA chair Dr Mark Porter, the BMA Council and the GPC are not provided with private health insurance. The news comes after Pulse first reported in April that the BMA admitted it offers private medical insurance to a small number of ‘very senior staff’ in order to attract suitably experienced employees.

Pulse also revealed that the GMC spent £255,000 on private medical insurance for almost two thirds of its staff this year, after a review of the policy concluded it was needed to attract and retain quality staff. BMA treasurer Dr Andrew Dearden, a GP in Cardiff, said that the policy was not in opposition to their warnings over opening up the NHS to private companies

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Says it all doesn't it - wonder if they know something the rest of us don't and will they give you what you need for your thyroid. I must admit I have a British friend who lives in the US and she is always complaining about her doctors which surprised me because I always thought if you paid you got better service but it seems you don't which seems a bit depressing really.

Liz x


Well - that says it all. Hypothyroid - on the NHS - £1.50 per month approx. Not doing well? Let's prescribe pain relief, anti-d's, etc. etc. 'TSH in range' = hypochondriac. No, we cannot try and alternative, levo only is to be prescribed. No cannot try a little T3.

Work for the British Medical Association - no problem, all medical needs will be met. Where does the BMA get the funding?


Interesting question shaws. Actually I don't understand how these medical colleges work as there's Big Pharma financial involvement from what I could see. Nothing is transparent.


I really do despair with the NHS as well as this country. Where is the accountability?


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