I suffer with being extremely hot all year round I nearly passed out on the hottest day It is now unbearable for me can anyone help?

I have been to the doctor, they are doing more tests, but they said I may just have to live with it, but it is not an option for me, I am always tacky to touch, and the sweat runs down my body sometimes, even in bed at night. I am always showering to get some relief.

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...think we may need a little more information to be helpful. Have you been diagnosed with a Thyroid problem ? The Thyroid has been referred to loosely as the body's thermostat - some people feel cold when others feel hot and so on. Other hormones can also be involved if you have not been diagnosed....oestrogen dominance caused me to be constantly hot on moving but cold to touch. Am sure someone will be along soon who can be more helpful.

yes I have an underactive thyroid, diagnosed a few years ago, but I only started suffering last year

Reply - Am drenched in sweat - not hot, not cool - 2-4 hours after retiring. No cause. Anxiety? I would have some recollection. I take smallest dose Eltroxine and Thyroxine mornings for hypothyroidism. Do 1-2 hours exercise daily, and 2xphysiotherapy/wk. Not sedentary! Anyone else unwanted sweats?

See my response below. Jane x

Yup! I have never had a thermostat. I'm either cold - freezing hands and feet - or totally overheated. I tend to get overheated in the car and have to haul off as much clothing as is decent, then the trouble is I get cold again quite quickly - same in bed, I spend the night throwing the covers back then flipping them over my body again, I'm sure I can even do it in my sleep.

It's like being stuck having hot flushes but at my age there is no chance of that. I was much worse when my thyroid was overactive, I'm supposed to be euthyroid now but I still go from feeling overlooked to feeling cold - I do have spells when I feel normal temperature though which is good.

Years ago I used to have one of those (expensive but I was absolutely desperate) Chillows that you fill with water and somehow or another they keep cool then I would end up during the night looking for a cold patch on that.

At the moment I am using an under blanket thing that seems to have silver threads woven through it and it feels chilled to touch too - well for a little while. I got it from J L but unfortunately they were no longer stocking them.

I also use a can of misting spray, they are really cheap abroad and every supermarket has their own cheap brand, here they cost a bit more you can get Evian and I have a different one I got from Boots, they are quite good, I keep mine by the bed when it is warm and spray my legs and arms and that works well for cooling you down, ok you get wet too but it cools you. When I'm camping I keep it in the fridge which is good too.

Liz x

hi...i thougfht it was just me....i spend days where i dont go out because i am so hot....my doctor has tried messing around with my thyroid meds but nothing seems to help...liike you i often feel like i am going to pass out with it and it feels like i have wet the bed at night...have been tested to see if it was the menopause as am 49 but they said there are no indications that i am anywhere near it and they are not flushes...it goes on for hours.....if anyone can help it would be great...it affects your life sooooo much ....i have to cover my body in talc everyday because i sweat so much all over xxx

See my response below. Jane x

Well you and I make a good pair, we are so alike with our symptoms, I am on thyroxine as my thyroid is underactive, and as I am 66, I know that menopause is not an option. I know it regulates your core temperature, but surely someone can come up with something to help us, if it was a man thing, they would have sorted it by now, people who don't suffer with it, can not comprehend what it is like day in and day out. xxx

Well, here's something that we discovered this year. All of the doctors that my daughter has spoken to about her sweating have ignored her repeated questions about it. Some have even said well you can't be hypothyroid then because that is a sign of hyperthyroidism. It was an extremely embarrassing problem for her, not to mention the amount of washing (of herself and clothes) she had to do! She has spare deodorants everywhere - handbag, car, etc. Her whole body is always damp, winter and summer.

We went to California earlier in the year to see a doctor who discovered that she has a severe genetic immune problem which means that she cannot deal with biotoxins, particularly mould biotoxins.

I've attached a few links that you might wish to check - note the references to sweating:




It's worth checking to see if it is relevant for you.

Jane x


I have suffered with excess sweating most of my life yet very cold in winter. Things have improved a bit on thyroid medication but still get very hot and sweaty at times. However, whereas once I used to get so wet under my arms that I had to change clothes regularly through the day, bright colours were out because the wet patches looked so bad, I now have the solution. I saw a GP a few years ago who was most sympathetic and prescribed 'Anhydrol Forte' which is available on prescription or online. I used to have to use this under my arms every few days and eventually every couple of week and now I haven't used it for years. I don't noticeably sweat at all under my arms now and just use a roll on stick. It has been wonderful and I have recommended this to many people with success. If it is not something you have tried then do give it a go. It may not sort all of the body, but at least if underarms are dry its a step in the right direction and helps with the embarrassment. I have just checked and it is still available online. It must be the one that says 'Forte' so make sure you get the right one.

Good Luck


Thanks ZiZi, My daughter has been using it for several years. It has helped a bit under her arms, but she doesn't like using it because of the aluminium content. She is hoping that eventually the treatment she is now receiving for her immune problem will do the trick. Thanks though. Jane x

Thanks will be checking into it a.s.a.p

I used to have sudden hot sweats which left me soaked [sometimes just before I was going out ] so I had to strip off and go back to bed. I was later diagnosed with Cushings disease and since my op and treatment , I no longer suffer from them Ging

Thanks for the insight, will be checking this out.

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