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Capillary fingerprick blood spot tests for thyroid testing and evaluation

Thought this may be of interest ,Dr Richard Shames explains about the above test .and how it is better for picking up thyroid problems,also bloods taken in the normal way for tsh may be of interest,

Hope i have done link right

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Have fixed link. :) x


Is that what you use if you do home testing through Blue Horizon or one of the private labs?



Hi Liz

The Blue Horizon ones use a micro container rather than a spot test.




Aha thanks. Sounds like the spot test might cost more. Shame if you need less blood - says she at the thought of getting her own blood for a sample. One thing accidentally slicing one's finger - another doing it in cold blood so to speak - although I'm sure it is pretty painless, I just always found the pin prick when giving blood worse than actually donating. :-)


As a avid seam stress....I'm always pricking my fingers on pins....this would be easy peasy for me....much nicer than sitting there with a vampire drawing it out your arm......especially as I have lost the feeling in the tips of my fingers in my right hand...due to RSI........I would't even feel it


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