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Remarkable and lucky?

I was diagnosed back in May with Hypothyroidism,started 50 mcg of Levothyroxine, the weight dropped off and was told to make appointment for check again in 8 weeks.I was tested early august as planned and had a letter sent telling me everything should stay as it is and i should make an appointment for 3 months time.Is this right? it just all seems a bit quick from what i read,i feel good but sometimes a little tired and as far as i know i should be checked avery 8 weeks.

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Everyone is different, and you may indeed be one of the lucky ones for whom the answer is reasonably simple. However, keep a diary or some record of all of your test results and any symptoms that come or go, and if you can record also your temperature and pulse on a regular basis. You will then be in a position when you next see your doctor or have more tests to know whether you have the right dose.

Don't stop there though. Monitor yourself regularly, and hopefully you'll have no more problems.

Jane x

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Did you see an endo or your GP?


Hi Janeb and Beaton,Thanks.Beaton i only ever see my GP and never been refered to an Endo.


Jane as ever has given you very good advice but I think you should try to get a blood test after your eight weeks,just for your own peace of mind.


Thank you both for your advice,i will try my gp.


If your blood test shows your current dose of thyroxine is correct then you don't need to keep having blood tests every 8 weeks. having a review in 3 months is being very thorough. I have been on thyroxine for 15 years and have a blood test once a year, never been asked to see GP.


What would have been tested in this time and in all what do i need to get tested with this condition?


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