i am about to go and see my GP, what tests do i need to ask for from my Bloods when i book a test next week?

Have wrote a complaints letter to my GP and Practice Manager, and printed off things from here


i have printed off symptoms and highlighted them, hopefully i can get help after 2 years of HELL

i have about 70% of these

Energy Level and Sleep:

◾Chronic fatigue

◾Excessive tiredness

◾Less stamina than others

◾Less energy than others

◾Long recovery period after any activity

◾Inability to concentrate or read long periods of time

◾Nodding off easily

◾More fatigued and sore than normal after exercise

◾Feel weak

◾Run down



◾Sleep apnea


◾3:00pm crash

◾Need naps in the afternoon




◾Wake feeling tired

◾Frequently oversleep


◾Weight gain

◾Inability to lose weight

◾Metabolic Syndrome

◾Weight loss


◾Heightened appetite

◾Diminished appetite


Body Temperature:

◾Cold extremities

◾Cold sweats

◾Night sweats

◾Heat intolerance

◾Cold intolerance

◾Internal shivering


◾Cold hands

◾Clammy palms

◾Cold feet

◾Low basal body temperature (below 97.8 degrees Fahrenheit)


◾Slow movements

◾Slowed Achilles reflex

◾Diminished reflexes

◾Slow speech


◾Frequent infections

◾Chronic illness

◾Low immune system

◾Frequent colds

◾Frequent flus

◾Susceptibility to bronchitis

◾Hard time recovering from infections

◾Recurrent sinus infections

◾Recurrent skin infections

◾Recurrent ear infections

◾Recurrent nose infections

◾Recurrent throat infections


Swelling and Thickened Skin of:









Mouth and Throat:

◾Difficulty swallowing

◾Sensation of lump in throat

◾Sensation of pressure on throat

◾Pain and tenderness in neck and/or thyroid area

◾Goitre (enlargement of the thyroid gland in neck)

◾Burning sensation in throat

◾Sore throats

◾Swollen tongue

◾Choking fits

◾Salt cravings

◾Sweet cravings

◾Dry mouth

◾Poor oral health

◾Propensity for cavities

◾Propensity for gum disease

◾Low, husky, hoarse voice

◾Bleeding gums

◾Receding gums

◾Persistent teeth clenching



◾Oversensitive hearing

◾Noises in ears (hissing, ringing)



◾Internal itching of ears

◾Dizziness from fluid on the inner ear

◾Excess earwax



◾Poor focusing

◾Double vision

◾Dry eyes

◾Gritty eyes

◾Achy eyes

◾Blurred vision

◾Heavy eyelids

◾Sensitive to light

◾Frequent tics in the eyes

◾Spasms of the eyelids

◾Bulging of the eyeballs

◾Red inflamed eyes

◾Dark rings under eyes

◾Puffiness around the eyes

◾Rapidly shifting gaze making you feel dizzy

◾Problems with night vision




◾Body hair loss

◾Head hair loss

◾Dry hair

◾Brittle hair

◾Coarse hair

◾Finer hair

◾Premature baldness

◾Premature gray hair

◾Eyelash loss

◾No eyebrows

◾Thinning outer eyebrows


◾Dry skin

◾Dry itchy scalp

◾Flaky skin

◾Cracking skin

◾Cracked heels

◾Coarse patches

◾Yellowish cast to the skin, jaundice

◾Dry mucous membranes

◾Pale skin

◾Pale lips


◾Pigmentation in skin creases

◾Dull facial expression


◾Skin tags

◾Dermographia (wheals)


◾Easy bruising

◾Bleeding problems

◾Slow wound healing


◾Bumps on legs

◾Acne on face

◾Breakout on chest and arms

◾Raynaud’s Phenomenon (discoloration of digits)

◾Chronic itching

◾Varicose veins

◾Premature aging

◾Parchment-like fine wrinkles

◾Absence or diminished perspiration

◾Moles and warty growths


Numbness and Tingling:









◾Chronic headaches

◾Chronic back and loin pain

◾Wrist pain

◾Muscles and joint pain

◾Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (hands or forearms)

◾Tarsal Tunnel syndrome (legs)

◾Joint stiffness


◾Heel spur

◾Plantar fasciitis



◾Painful soles of feet

◾Muscle cramps

◾Aching bones

◾Aching muscles

◾Joint pain




◾Hard stools



◾Loss of appetite

◾Food allergy

◾Food sensitivity

◾Alcohol intolerance

◾Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

◾Lactose intolerance

◾Celiac Disease

◾Gluten Intolerance


◾Abdominal distention

◾Weight gain in abdominal area


◾Excess gas




◾Acid Reflux

◾Excessive belching

◾GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease)


◾Easily upset


◾Wanting to be solitary

◾Mood swings


◾Personality changes

◾Feelings of resentment


◾Easily startled

◾Lack of confidence


Other Related Conditions:

◾Low adrenal function



◾Hyponatremia (low blood sodium)

◾Lack of coordination


◾Tendency to fall


◾Chronic allergies

◾Chemical sensitivities

◾Restless Leg Syndrome

◾Rhabdomyolysis (destruction of skeletal muscle)


◾Flat feet

◾Very short stature

◾Very tall stature

◾Narrow hips





◾Panic attacks

◾Memory loss


◾Brain fog

◾Mental sluggishness

◾Poor concentration

◾Noises and/or voices in head





◾Loss of drive

◾Personality disorders


◾Post Natal Depression (PND)

◾Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)


◾Bipolar Disease

◾Suicidal thoughts



◾Alzheimer’s Disease

◾Parkinson’s Disease






◾Difficulty drawing a full breath

◾Pleural effusion (fluid around the lung)

◾Shortness of breath

◾Tightness in chest


◾Lung cancer

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  • Actually, was diagnosed 2 years ago but have suffered with the above since i was aged 21, i`m now 39, will be 40 this year

  • Waynester

    Why not ask your GP to be referred to an Endocrinologist and if you email louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org (she is on holiday until Monday, so she may not be able to answer immediately she gets back) and ask for a list of NHS Endos who may be near you.

    Seeing you have been diagnosed two years ago, it maybe in your interest to see a specialist.

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