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i am about to go and see my GP, what tests do i need to ask for from my Bloods when i book a test next week?

Have wrote a complaints letter to my GP and Practice Manager, and printed off things from here

i have printed off symptoms and highlighted them, hopefully i can get help after 2 years of HELL

i have about 70% of these

Energy Level and Sleep:

◾Chronic fatigue

◾Excessive tiredness

◾Less stamina than others

◾Less energy than others

◾Long recovery period after any activity

◾Inability to concentrate or read long periods of time

◾Nodding off easily

◾More fatigued and sore than normal after exercise

◾Feel weak

◾Run down



◾Sleep apnea


◾3:00pm crash

◾Need naps in the afternoon




◾Wake feeling tired

◾Frequently oversleep


◾Weight gain

◾Inability to lose weight

◾Metabolic Syndrome

◾Weight loss


◾Heightened appetite

◾Diminished appetite


Body Temperature:

◾Cold extremities

◾Cold sweats

◾Night sweats

◾Heat intolerance

◾Cold intolerance

◾Internal shivering


◾Cold hands

◾Clammy palms

◾Cold feet

◾Low basal body temperature (below 97.8 degrees Fahrenheit)


◾Slow movements

◾Slowed Achilles reflex

◾Diminished reflexes

◾Slow speech


◾Frequent infections

◾Chronic illness

◾Low immune system

◾Frequent colds

◾Frequent flus

◾Susceptibility to bronchitis

◾Hard time recovering from infections

◾Recurrent sinus infections

◾Recurrent skin infections

◾Recurrent ear infections

◾Recurrent nose infections

◾Recurrent throat infections


Swelling and Thickened Skin of:









Mouth and Throat:

◾Difficulty swallowing

◾Sensation of lump in throat

◾Sensation of pressure on throat

◾Pain and tenderness in neck and/or thyroid area

◾Goitre (enlargement of the thyroid gland in neck)

◾Burning sensation in throat

◾Sore throats

◾Swollen tongue

◾Choking fits

◾Salt cravings

◾Sweet cravings

◾Dry mouth

◾Poor oral health

◾Propensity for cavities

◾Propensity for gum disease

◾Low, husky, hoarse voice

◾Bleeding gums

◾Receding gums

◾Persistent teeth clenching



◾Oversensitive hearing

◾Noises in ears (hissing, ringing)



◾Internal itching of ears

◾Dizziness from fluid on the inner ear

◾Excess earwax



◾Poor focusing

◾Double vision

◾Dry eyes

◾Gritty eyes

◾Achy eyes

◾Blurred vision

◾Heavy eyelids

◾Sensitive to light

◾Frequent tics in the eyes

◾Spasms of the eyelids

◾Bulging of the eyeballs

◾Red inflamed eyes

◾Dark rings under eyes

◾Puffiness around the eyes

◾Rapidly shifting gaze making you feel dizzy

◾Problems with night vision




◾Body hair loss

◾Head hair loss

◾Dry hair

◾Brittle hair

◾Coarse hair

◾Finer hair

◾Premature baldness

◾Premature gray hair

◾Eyelash loss

◾No eyebrows

◾Thinning outer eyebrows


◾Dry skin

◾Dry itchy scalp

◾Flaky skin

◾Cracking skin

◾Cracked heels

◾Coarse patches

◾Yellowish cast to the skin, jaundice

◾Dry mucous membranes

◾Pale skin

◾Pale lips


◾Pigmentation in skin creases

◾Dull facial expression


◾Skin tags

◾Dermographia (wheals)


◾Easy bruising

◾Bleeding problems

◾Slow wound healing


◾Bumps on legs

◾Acne on face

◾Breakout on chest and arms

◾Raynaud’s Phenomenon (discoloration of digits)

◾Chronic itching

◾Varicose veins

◾Premature aging

◾Parchment-like fine wrinkles

◾Absence or diminished perspiration

◾Moles and warty growths


Numbness and Tingling:









◾Chronic headaches

◾Chronic back and loin pain

◾Wrist pain

◾Muscles and joint pain

◾Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (hands or forearms)

◾Tarsal Tunnel syndrome (legs)

◾Joint stiffness


◾Heel spur

◾Plantar fasciitis



◾Painful soles of feet

◾Muscle cramps

◾Aching bones

◾Aching muscles

◾Joint pain




◾Hard stools



◾Loss of appetite

◾Food allergy

◾Food sensitivity

◾Alcohol intolerance

◾Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

◾Lactose intolerance

◾Celiac Disease

◾Gluten Intolerance


◾Abdominal distention

◾Weight gain in abdominal area


◾Excess gas




◾Acid Reflux

◾Excessive belching

◾GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease)


◾Easily upset


◾Wanting to be solitary

◾Mood swings


◾Personality changes

◾Feelings of resentment


◾Easily startled

◾Lack of confidence


Other Related Conditions:

◾Low adrenal function



◾Hyponatremia (low blood sodium)

◾Lack of coordination


◾Tendency to fall


◾Chronic allergies

◾Chemical sensitivities

◾Restless Leg Syndrome

◾Rhabdomyolysis (destruction of skeletal muscle)


◾Flat feet

◾Very short stature

◾Very tall stature

◾Narrow hips





◾Panic attacks

◾Memory loss


◾Brain fog

◾Mental sluggishness

◾Poor concentration

◾Noises and/or voices in head





◾Loss of drive

◾Personality disorders


◾Post Natal Depression (PND)

◾Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)


◾Bipolar Disease

◾Suicidal thoughts



◾Alzheimer’s Disease

◾Parkinson’s Disease






◾Difficulty drawing a full breath

◾Pleural effusion (fluid around the lung)

◾Shortness of breath

◾Tightness in chest


◾Lung cancer

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Actually, was diagnosed 2 years ago but have suffered with the above since i was aged 21, i`m now 39, will be 40 this year



Why not ask your GP to be referred to an Endocrinologist and if you email (she is on holiday until Monday, so she may not be able to answer immediately she gets back) and ask for a list of NHS Endos who may be near you.

Seeing you have been diagnosed two years ago, it maybe in your interest to see a specialist.