re dr appt

re dr appt

I went to my drs appt armed with printed out symptoms of lupus and thyroid and pics of my face,stomach and dogs (PICS OF DOGS AND HOW WORRIED THEY LOOK)but I didn't show on ok with him today but wouldnt have done if i brought up anythign else..appt was cos I was concerned they would not do op if I had nasal/throat problems etc .dr said everything was fine and they wouldn't not do the op unless I had a temperature.he asked when it was and I said Wednesday (15th).he asked if it was a day op -said yes-keyhole surgery unless there are any complications then it will mean a stay in fro few days.(hinting at stomach and that it is either a cyst or tumour-dont want it to be but need to prove to him cant just dismiss everything I have told him).then when i see him in sept I can say "I told you so"

after will definitely demand some answers re lupus,throat and thyroids and stomach.wnat something done to reduce swelling and bruising around nose/eyes. and to go over my unanswered questions

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