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Last Carbimazole 5mg tablet on Wednesday, now wondering if I am starting to notice the effect or if it is still too soon?

I've just finished my lunch, the first meal of the day for me, and whilst not palpatations, I can feel my pulse without pressing on it. I also might have gone a little cross-eyed for a moment.

How long after stopping Carbimazole will my body notice? I know certain substances stay in the body longer than others. I'm just wondering if I'm going to get this reaction for the next wee while after every meal or excertion until my body stabilises itself.

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The levels of carbimazole in your body drop quite fast. You could expect the amount in your blood to drop by around a half in six hours.

This does NOT mean that the full impact of stopping will be as fast. That could take significantly longer. I have no personal experience.



I went from 2.5mg daily to 2.5mg on alternate days and noticed the difference after 16 days, if that helps?


Hi I have been carb free since mid July as you know and I feel perfectly normal even with all my stressful events. It takes up to 6 weeks to show on blood tests so I think that you need not worry about problems after a day or two. Just monitor it and try to not think about it.


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