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Re Docs Visit

Hi all thought i would let you know what happened at docs.I have Shingles,urine infection,blocked saliva gland wasnt an abcess slight chest infection no wonder i was sweating so much and doc told me that the top of my spine is curved. am on antibiotics, cream for shingles it all just keeps coming i can not seem to get well .Anybody else get like this.x

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Are you on enough thyroid gland medication? If you can get a copy of your latest blood test results complete with ranges and post on a new question and someone will comment.

I am sorry you have all these additional problems, and I understand that shingles is very painful.

I hope you feel better soon.


Hi I am in the normal range . My doctor only tests tsh. Feel tired and cold bones ache can't lose weight . I had shingles last year too it's horrible but doesn't last too long . If you got the anti viral pills quickly ie within 72 hours then hopefully you won't get post herpes neuralgia . I get it a wee bit mainly on cold days .

I feel Your pain


Anti viral pills? post herpes neuralgia? never heard of that I had shingles years ago and the doc I had then wouldn't treat it? I had to wear overalls over a dress..... I was a truck driver at the time, I did feel blinking rotten and looked silly...

Lifeback It does rather sound like your still under medicated?



Anti viral pills only help if you take them as soon as rash appears. It meant I only needed a week off work. Although doctor said I didn't need to be off it wasn't that contagious unless the people around me were imuno compromised. Or had never had chicken pox. Shingles is horrible very painful blistery rash and you feel like a pin cushion. It only affects one side of your body apparently


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