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Hi all still feel really ill i can not stop sweating i am sweating constantly 24 hours a day, i know weather not helping but i think this is something else heart seems to be beating faster hands and feet are swelling think i have shingles again went into boots the chemist asked pharmacist he thinks it is shingles i have a abcess in front of mouth not in usual place you would get one, hands are full of blisters. any ideas anyone getting really fed up now x

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I do the same when I am not on Nature Thyroid , I find my sweating gets worse when I get anxious


Hi, sorry to hear you're not feeling well, shingles is awful. You can get fever with shingles but not always. Do you have a high temperature or is it just sweating? Are you on any other medication? Excessive sweating is a side effect of quite a few meds including some anti-depressants, painkillers, heart tablets. Check the information leaflet for possible side effects if this applies to you. If it is the case it would be worth asking to try a different one.

I hope the shingles clears up quickly.


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