Please can anyone help me .....I've had my thyriod removed a couple of yrs ago because of medalory cancer and only mayb a month prior to it all happening I started sweating, now this is NOT your normal bit of perspiration this is some serious sweat I can't wear make up any more and there is no point in doing my hair at all, is anyone else in this situation nobody can give me any answers at my wits end 😔

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Are you also feeling freezing cold or have other symptoms?

what are your thyroid test results

Don't have my blood results they the doctors tell me it's all in range and they are very happy with everything ,I get cold feet and hands but I sweat all over its that bad I couldn't get a job I used to wrk uin a jewelry shop so retail is way out of the question for me it's the weekend here so can't get my blood results olgabb sorry don't understand what u mean

Never never never accept any doctor saying "in range " or "Normal "

When it comes to thyroid they know very very little

You are legally entitled to have copies of all blood tests and for any thyroid patient its vital you have them in a file because that's the only way you can understand them of track whats wrong

mmm ......learning the hard way

thank you

I love NZ and much more of the aggro in the UK and I will be there with my cousins

I have had excessive swearing since I was in my 20s, it is called hyperhydrosis. With my type it occurred in specific areas. Mine was underarm and left huge wet patches on my nurses uniform or ruined my clothes.had my sweat glands removed. BUT then I had facial sweating. Bloody nightmare. Worse in cold weather, ruined make up, stings eyes, drips on patients!!!!!

Botox fixes it COMPLETELY but is expensive and temporary.

Your sudden onset must be hormone related.

I'm pretty anxious and it does make it worse.

Good luck.

I have hh too and has the ETS surgery m. Worked great

Where do they put the Botox? I tried it on my forehead (small doses all over), which didn't work & they said they couldn't do anything for the upper lip area. I have full facial sweating.

I sweat too, dripping face sweats, most uncomfortable and inconvenient. I find if I keep cool and a breeze I am better. Different than hot flushes. Now I have been started on T3 it seems to have reduced in severity. My reverse t3 was really high. It has reduced markedly with the addition of the t3 and adjusted t4. Much less sweating.

Omg it's so nice to talk to someone who understands I will check with my doctor on Monday re t3 etc

If you are in the UK you have to have private reverse t3 test, they don't believe in it on NHS. They don't accept rt3 as a problem!!! I see doc in Oz who monitors mine and UK gp follows his advice.

I am in New Zealand

I could kiss you about now I'm not going bloody mad

So is that the term name t3 to find out from doctors. You say mud don't acknowledge t3 and how would get it check.

I also have severe facial and scalp sweating, it's very embarrassing, particularly as I am a singer and it happens when I perform! I take 150mg of Levothyroxin a day and my thyroid levels are now apparently in the "normal" range, which is all the doctor wants to know about! I feel I'm permanently hot, even when everyone else is shivering. Does anyone get sweating around their ears when they eat, particularly pickles or anything a bit spicy?

Ellyblue get a print-out of your latest blood test results with the ranges and post on a new question.

If you've not had a recent one follow the instructions I've given above to Leigh re fasting etc and a Full Thyroid Function

I forgot to get my print out for my blood test.

Why do doctors want morning blood test and urine too.


Doctors don't care when you get a blood test.

We, the patients have found out by word of mouth that the TSH. which is the main test GPs do and is the only one mainly they take notice of, is highest very early a.m. and drops continuously during the day being lowest then. So if you get a blood test at 5 or 6 p.m. your TSH will be lower than at 6, 7, 8 or 9 a.m. which could mean that your doctor may adjust your dose downwards due to the TSH.

They are not knowledgeable. If you asked your doctor when is the best time for a TSH test I doubt he would know. We should be on a stable dose of levothyroxine with a slight raise each time till symptoms go altogether.

Sometimes that means the addition of another hormone (T3) or T3 only or Natural Dessicated Thyroid Hormones which was the very original method began in 1892 and is still available but doctors don't prescribe.

I've never had a urine test but know some on the forum have.

i have been having this for years, i started NDT in july and it is lessening. I can sweat thro clothing till im saturated up to 10 times a day, i wake up drenched in sweat, it runs down my face, head, neck, bust, legs it is awful. It can be triggered by anxiety, movement and just laying on sofa. I have no idea but it is getting better, i have had whole days of not sweating which is such a joy, it has put me off going out socially altho tbh being hypo i never want to g out.

I also have dramatic heat spikes where i have to take my clothes off, hot burning skin, sometimes itchy followed by drenching sweat.

I never found out what causes it, so i take a bit of lemon juice with water and good grey gaelic salt to replace electrolytes. It is deff better than it was 6 months ago but i still get it and if anyone knows what causes it, i would like to know :)

i also wear clothes that dont show sweat like mid-dark jersey cotton so when i sweat thro it doesnt look so bad. I went for lunch other day and sweated so bad there was a damp patch on the chair, i was mortified and nearly cried, i just hope my lunch buddy didnt notice xx

I know exactly how you feel ...it's bloody awful I to don't go out anywhere unless I have to

Hi to all out their who are suffering with this horrid condition I have been suffering for over 2 and a half years..here I am at 2 in the morning soaked..just changed my nitie again!!! Bloody sick of it I now have no social life like most of you ladies make up is out and I have taken to wearing hats as my hair always looks like if been caught in a shower..the most annoying thing is that g PS don't understand the sheer hell we are going threw,,blood tests showed I was going threw the menopause... but I have three very good friends who are also going threw the menopause to but none of them have the horrid sweats..shaking and utter weakness I have..I felt that more was going on than just the menopause!!! Blood test after blood test all came back normal..as I had gone overactive in 2004 the symptoms were the same I was I'll for over seven weeks because it took my gp that long to eventually take blood from me.that's when the found I had hyperthyroidism..but all my bloods for thyroid function were in normal range...I began to feel very I'll in Oct my sweats were even worse I had a fever 38.2 went to the doctors examined me but found nothing wrong.by the beginning of November I was so bad I was vomiting had diarrhea and a temperature. Gp thought it was a water infection no examination this time no blood pressure or temperature was taken not even a urine test was done..sent home with antibiotic which I could not keep down.

On the Thursday 12 Nov I was so bad I asked for a home visit but was informed I would only see the g p if I came to the surgery.I got my son to help me we arrived only to sit for over an hour with me constantly on the loo..saw the doc who just said I,l take some blood!!!! Sent me home again my sweating was so bad i put my toweling robe on as it was like a towel.. by Fri morning I had not slepet for over 30 odd hrs I rang my g p but was unable to speak to any g p as they had not come in to the surgery..reception said she would get my g p to call me back..he did I explained all my symptoms and the fact by vomit was black and I needed to be in hospital he dismissed this saying I did not need to be in hospital..he would call on me after surgery...that would be after one o'clock..it was 9 25 when he rang me back!!! I just sat on my mothers commode I got when she died THANK GOD I had it..a doctor eventually called but not my doctor..I had never met this g p before she immediately saw the vomit took my temperature and said HOSPITAL!!!! Thank god someone was taking notice of my symptoms..seven days in hospital I was diagnosis with H.. pylori.and server colitis of the colon I had server inflammation of my stomach/bowel throat and intestines..the consultant thought I might have had this condition for sometime but as I was not getting a diagnosis from my g p the h piylor and server inflammation took over making me very I'll..the consultant noted my sweating could have been the inflammation/h piylor..I am now trying to recoop at home but are still sweating with fever and abdominal pain..I am thinking about taking my g p for neglect of care!! But what I really want to get across is we know our bodies better than any doctor.. I will never let any doctor treat me like this again...sorry for the long letter,,if you read it thank you


Karen, I think your response is worthy of putting up on a brand new post as it may not be seen by many members.

Copy and paste it on a new one.

It's terrible what you've been through and we are so helpless when ill but when neglect by doctors is even worse.

We now know never to accept the words 'normal' with regard to blood tests when we're anything but 'normal'.

i feel very hot to me but my temp still only reads 35.8 when i am so hot i cant bear it, never made sense to me :)

the t heavy sweating that is abnormal can either be due I think to hormones and or adrenals or infections, but don't quote me- i have had excessive drenching sweats night after night, soaked, when I wa s so dreadfully ill 2010 2011 2012 2013 an d still do ocassionally but the worst was back then , what I have mentioned above and I had very low cortisol and infection. I think you will need a few tests to check hormones and adrenals for starters

I've notice having sweat around my neck and under my breast area and I have wash it as I get up. So I am not sure what causes it.

Hi Leigh857

I'm sorry you still have symptoms after the removal of your thyroid gland. If I was a betting woman, I'd bet you are most probably underdosed. So if you could get a copy or print-out of your latest results of your blood test with the ranges and post for members to comment.

I think it would be better to ask your doctor for a Full Thyroid Function blood test. That is TSH, T4, T3, Free T4 and Free T3. (read on this link about FT3):-


If he is reluctant maybe get a private FT3 test.


Isn't it strange, you've probably been complaining for years about your clinical symptoms but the doctor is 'happy' but not the patient. That tells you there's something far wrong with their knowledge.

We have to read and learn as much as possible and members will answer, to the best of their ability as we aren't medically qualified - only sufferers who've got, or are trying to, recover their health to more or less normal.

If you've not had a recent blood test make an appointment to have the earliest possible, and fast (you can drink water). Leave about 24 hours between your last dose of levo and the test and take it afterwards. This helps keep the TSH at its highest as doctors can adjust our doses willy nilly to try to keep it 'in range'. Some of us need a very low or suppressed TSH - not somewhere in the range and usually we are on too low a dose.

Your doctor probably knows nothing about 'liothyronine' T3. T3 is the active hormone required in all of our billions of receptor cells in order for us to function. T4 'levothyroxine' is a pro-hormone supposed to convert to sufficient T3 and it doesn't always but our bloods may be 'within range'. Neither do doctors know any clinical symptoms of which there are about 300. Before the introduction of levo and blood testst we used to be diagnosed and given natural dessicated thyroid hormones until we were well.

At the same time as your blood test for thyroid hormones ask for a Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate as we can be deficient which can also cause problems.

"I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions"

Hi, I've been hypothyroid for 16 years & this last year, I have been exactly the same as you, sweating like nobody would believe, my body attacked my thyroid so there's none left & that's what they said caused the sweating! My GP has changed & she is so much more proactive than the last one, she is going to refer me to a specialist! I hope you find some answers, it's horrible to be so hot even in cold weather! Please get in touch if you want to talk, I feel slightly more normal now, knowing I'm not alone with this!

Have you had your Vit D tested? Excess sweating on the head can be due to low vit D.

My sister is up every 2 hours during the night because of sweating. We believe it is related to one of the many medications she has been prescribed for pain, Lupus, severe fibromyalgia, etc. She has rapid heart rate, sweating, insomnia. She is suffering a sick torture with sleep deprevation.

Examine all medications you are on. I read up on one that my sister is on and there was a study of 25,000 people on the meds. 46 of them suffered these symptoms. I know this is on approx. 1%.. But do not discount the side affects of medication because it only happens to 1%... You may be the 1%. Unfortunately, the medical system is somewhat broken and made of up so many layer of expertise. Many of which work in silos. For example, the pharmaceutical companies and the revenue generated is a service system that concerns me and is somewhat broken. Wishing you wellness..

Maybe you're getting too much thyroid supplement?

You need to check the thyroid labs yourself.

Sounds like you're hyperthyroid from over medication or you have a drug interaction.

Regardless, your doctor is obligated to run more tests and fix it.

If he doesn't, get a second opinion.

i have been having these sweats long before i started NDT and the severity has lessened on NDT and i have had few days completely clear, i hope once i reach optimum doseage they will stop :)

Hi Binkie and Leigh857, I started sweating profusely, particularly at night, but during the day too, when I was put onto Levothyroxine due to having thyroid antibodies a number of years ago. The sweating started immediately. I don't currently take any thyroid meds, but do find times when the sweating comes back. I have to ensure I don't become dehydrated as a result. I'm no expert but my troubles coincided with going through the change (I was of an age). I'm no expert, but I believe the sweating is in someway related to adrenal health and other hormones, particularly the absence or reduction of oestrogen. I continue to have the problem, but it's not as severe.

There is a way of finding out what triggers these attacks, and you've hit upon this already. Keep a diary of everything you do and eat (above normal routine and activity) or just keep a mental note and from this sometimes it's possible to determine what the trigger is. I find my trigger is eating large meals, as strange as it sounds, and being even slightly anxious (it's great to be only slightly anxious following a number of years suffering chronic severe stress (perhaps the HPA)). In my case, it's metabolism and adrenal function gone haywire.

Unfortunately, I can't advise whether these symptoms are due to thyroid medication not being at an optimum level. But I can, merely from experience, suggest that any sweating (I'm having one just now as I write this) is due to anxiety and would even suggest that it's purely down to adrenal hormones leaving the system and finding the quickest route out. Oxidation comes to my mind, and also an adrenal-thyroid malfunction, due to goodness knows, but stress plays a part, certainly in my experience. The stress response by the body is easily triggered and it only has to be slight for a reaction to occur.


The thyroid acts as a thermostat when healthy - so when you are without or it has been damaged - this natural system is broken.

NEVER accept normal from your Doc - that is an opinion and not a result.

I think that there can be a lot of reasons why we sweat and totally agree with what everyone was saying on here about getting your blood tests results. Also if you are not getting any where with your current doctor go and see someone and get a second or if necessary third opinion.

I find that eating cleanly no processed foods, staying away from grain, gluten eating a lot of raw food and looking into healing your gut can really help if you are someone who suffers sweats.

Please be careful in regards to having botox a lot of people are now saying that it can affect the way our brain functions. You really need to figure out why you are sweating so much and then go from there.

All the best.

I am now a firm believe that not all blood results that come bk negative are correct 2 examples my dad was a very active man he lost his voice as he worked using a telephones daily he needed to resolve the loss of his voice.he saw his go who took bloods and diagnosed him with larengitis, The bloods were normal six wks later his voice was now gone,he went bk to the GP..my mother accompanied him to speak for him she got the GP to send him to a ENT specialist after the camera down the throat he was diagnosed with throat /lung cancer,,all tests that he had done by his GP came bk negative.. the same happened to my mother some years after my dad died of throat/lung cancer..she became ill with what looked like MS symptoms,,she had no strength in her legs /arms ect and her left foot was turned in,,again blood test after blood tests were taken all came bk negative.. I pushed for her to see a specialist a year later he diagnosed her with moto neuron she died later that year....so if bloods come bk normal but you still have symptoms bugg the hell out a you GP for answers..that's what I doing now...still having awful symptoms but bloods in normal range...well my GP is going to be a busy man coz I'm not giving up!!!!!

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