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graves disease?

I read somewhere here that what I have (tightening in neck with lumps and a prominent larynx)is graves disease.this could explain my skin condition,my shins are covered in sores which just bleed when washing and are itchy I tend to scratch them without realising I am doing dr told me it wasnt my glands .end of.last night I only slept for an hour before I woke up having a choking fit and coughing.

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Have you had thyroid function tests and antibody tests / thyroid scan? You can't know you have Graves without these tests.

The shin skin condition associated with Graves is explained here:


Hi, you need to have blood tests - your T4, TSH, and T3 will show if you have Graves and you have to have antibodies in there as well. I've never had any of the symptoms you have although you have although as hamster has said there is a skin condition associated with Graves, you really won't know without thyroid function tests.



I haven't had any function tests recently,im sure if I ask for them my dr will say that there is nothing wrong with my glands therefore he wont do any.tho if this continues I will do so


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