Why oh why did the format have to change?

I don't understand why something that was working so well have to change? I have almost been in tears today, not being able to log on and them access messages etc. Is anyone having a hard time using their phone? I tried to use my partner's laptop and it says browser is too old?? It's not. I just think we're confused enough without all this. For us oldies who don't speak the IT jargon it's even worse! Sorry for mistakes i cannot see what i've just written!!

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  • I'm sorry you are finding this so difficult. You are not the only one, by any means.

    I have posted a blog about the browser issue. You can download Chrome which is easy to use and updates itself so you don't need to worry about it. Use the link below and then click on the blue button.


    There are some teething problems with the new platform. I am still trying to get my head around it too. Rest assured we are still here to help and do what we can to make this as easy as possible. Hopefully all the issues will be ironed out quickly.

    Carolyn xxx

  • Thanks for your soothing words Caroline. The design of the new platform just isn't user friendly with a phone. I know no one likes change, but to me it's like an old friend had dappeared sorry so hard to correct mistakes. I think this is a lot to put poorly prople through. If it aint broke, don't fix it. ;-) xxx

  • I'm glad I'm not using a phone! It is pretty difficult to get used to. Hopefully they can iron out all the issues very soon!

  • Grrr! This was in response to your other comment. Why did it put it here? *sighs*

  • Now it is in the right place! I give up!!! This is going to be a challenging weekend :D

  • I absolutely agree

  • I am using my phone too, and it is awful. Even though I tick the box saying to keep me signed in, I have to sign in every visit as it isn't keeping me signed in!

    Maybe we will get used to it, or maybe we won't lol

    Ann xx

  • I think this is a bug. It's better than it was though. Yesterday I had to keep logging in even if I hadn't left the page, lol.

  • Hi Ann, when i tried to type in my email and password the boxes just shifted to the side do you couldn't see what you were typing. Are you not able to move your text around so you can see what you've written? I make loads of mistakes and have to read through and correct several times. The cursor keeps disappearing too. Bloody impossible using a phone :-) xxx (excuse mistakes i can't go back and see what i've written xxx

  • Don't worry about mistakes ;) We can't even edit them for you as we admins don't have an edit function at the moment, lol.

  • I hope for your sakes too all the gremlins get ironed out. Your job must be very difficult at the moment. I find the touch screen on my phone a real pain, snd john's laptop is from work so he can't change anything. My pc is ancient and very poorly. For months i've had to separate word as it types everthing glued together, grrh. No long posts for the moment Caroline! Xx

  • Oh dear :( Touch screens and I have an understanding. I'll leave them alone if they leave me alone, lol :D I just do not get on with them!

  • One last moan, honest! My profile picture has gone. Do i need to upload it again?

  • I can see your profile picture, although it has gone all inverse on us. You could try uploading it again to see if it sorts it out.

  • That is so weird Caroline, there's just a white blank screen where my picture should be. I'll have to on the ancient pc and we have a very slooooooow connection here in the sticks. No mobile signal for at least a 4 mile radius too, lol! Xx

  • I agree - having to log in every single visit and getting taken to other sites when you click onto the links is a pain but things have improved a lot for me today alone - I wasn't able to do anything for a while but I did like the site as it was and any sort of change to what you are used to is quite difficult. I'm sure it will all get sorted out eventually.

  • Hi LizH, I agree it's a real pain. Change isn't always welcome and it will take a while to get used to it. Now I can't find "posts"........

  • I logged in, went to the Thyroid UK page and then bookmarked it. I now just click on the icon on my bookmark bar at the top of my browser and I'm logged in :)

  • Great idea but where is my bookmark bar please??

  • It's usually at the top. Next to the place where the web address is, there is usually a star. If you click on the start it will bookmark the page. It should place this on the bar underneath where the web address is typed in. It is slightly different for each browser but it is roughly in the same place.

  • This isn't working as well as it was yesterday :( I think they've been fiddling again. Hopefully it will be sorted out very soon!

  • I have not a clue how to post a blog or a question so had to write here.

    Help! How do I find my previous posts? how do I post a blog or question? Where are the instructions for the new site? do Health Unlocked know that my brain was replaced with a wooly sock?

  • From the top green bar, where it says communities, click the arrow and then Thyroid UK. You should then get a purple bar underneath with house, posts, questions and so on. There should be a button for writing a post or writing a question. Sorry that wasn't very clear. I'm still getting the hang of this myself!

  • Testing, testing,just playing with new site and browser. Yet to really understand bookmarks on Firefox, plus Active X control needed permission to download Firefox.

    There must be a faster way to access posts and questions.

    Back to playing...

  • darn - try clicking communities then Thyroid UK - screen looks more familiar

    or visit the main TUK site (for all Thyroid info) and go from there (also on the purple bar About us!)


  • You don't actually need the ! and # in the address, it works without them


  • The live links function still doesn't seem to be working properly though :(

  • also why some people's photos are absolutely perfect (like spareribs and suze) but mine and helcaster is gone all 'psychedelic'????

  • because you have an amazing green cat :D


  • I thought it was a long-haired British green :D

  • I'm using Safari on a mac, and I don't see your cat at all. Lots of the member pics are simply black squares for me. Mine is fine, Spare's is fine, Carolyn's is fine, but yours is a black square :(

  • No it's not black!

    NBD is a green cat with a dark pinky background.

    At least in Firefox 22.

  • How does mine look to you - it's black for me?? Thanks

  • Couldn't agree more about format change.

    I doubt i'll hang around on this forum as it's just too slow now - every time you want to open a page you have to wait several minutes. Can't be doing with it. It was so efficient before.

  • Actually it seems to be much faster for me. Hopefully will be sorted out in a couple of days.

  • Give it a few days or a week and it should be a lot better. However I did prefer that on the old look you could see blogs and posts together on one page. Too much blank space in this new format, I'd prefer it more compact.

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