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Realisation dawns!!!

Hi, I'm relatively new to the site, although I have posted before but, after reading all the blogs and comments it seems to be that I'm missing out on something important. At no time have I been referred to an endocrinologist, I have never been told what my t count is, the only results I get back are 'normal for the medication', I am 150 mcgs a day and thought my sweats were due to the menopause. I'm beginning to feel better just knowing there are others out there.

I was also feeling very frustrated that my sister, who was disagnosed at the beginning of the year, in the America, has managed to lose weight quite successfully and yet I can't manage to keep 2 pounds off for a week.

Can anyone tell me what questions I should be asking and should I be asking for a referral.

Many thanks for your advice and support.


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For better or for worse, it is quite normal for hypothyroid sufferers to not get referred. (Someone near me was referred, got seen by a registrar, and was promptly sent back to her GP. Worse than a waste of time.) However some people have had some help from endocrinologists.

Number one is to ask for all your results each and every time you have a test. Although this can still be met with less than full co-operation it is now widely accepted. You should also be able to get the results from previous tests.

Make sure you get the actual test results and their reference ranges.

You don't mention you height and weight so it is difficult to gauge whether 150mcg seems high, low or about right. Maybe you could give some idea?

Are you taking your thyroxine first thing in the morning, well before eating? Are you taking any other medicines?

Is you sister eating a significantly different diet? Maybe not just different in amount but in nature - maybe having more protein and less carbohydrate? And indeed, how long is it since your diagnosis and start of treatment? Maybe she was diagnosed more quickly and with less of a hill to climb back to health and lower weight.

Post back with whatever you can tell us and we shall try to see if we can identify some pointers.

All the best



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