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Wow, so glad I found this place

Just want to say a big thank you to everyone who has posted on my previous blog or answered my question.

Maybe it just me but I posted thinking nobody would really care and I'd probably get told "Your problems aren't that bad, suck it up". But instead you all gave me some great advice and it's a great feeling knowing others are going through the same thing and many have been through it and life is looking brighter.

Big thanks to everyone....just feels like a lot off my chest now

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Fantastic group isn't it, there is always someone who can help and, it is just great to speak to people who really understand what it is like.

Glad your life is looking brighter now,

Liz :-)


Hi Adam I don't think I replied to you on previous blogs or questions but I agree, it is great to be able to "speak" to all those other folks who have suffered the same and are recovering, or are going to recover. I hope you feel better.

Jo xx


Feeling alone with thyroid problems is one of the symptoms. That's one you can knock on the head as soon as you found this site!

Good luck



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