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Test results

Well, went to the docs today for my blood results, and guess what, all came back as 'normal' within range, all except my folate which came back as low, so I have a months worth of folic acid, then we'll see how I feel at the end of the month. I was unable to get my actual test results today, have to order them. Hopefully the folic acid will make me feel tons better, but I'm not holding out much hope tbh. Sorry if I sound cynical, just feel a little gutted, but hey ho xx

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Did you have a vitamin B12 test?

It is important that you do not go off taking folic acid when B12 is low because that could mask the B12 issue - until it is too late and you have irreversible nerve damage.



Hi Rod

Apparently they did do it, not sure of my actual level as yet tho. Is it worth me getting B12 supplements to take any way, not really sure how it all works still xx


When you get a copy of your blood test results, post them on a new question for comments.


I got my test results too;but the doc refused to do folate(he said cos its found in lots of foods!)mine were all supposedly 'unchanged' was the word receptionist used on the phone and all fine ,no need see doc.then went in today to get print out of results and ,surprise surprise;not!(i mean i knew it mite not be the case)here was high cholesterol,vit d level only just in range(v low),ferritin low, and worst of all my thyroid antibody levels had actually risen!so much for 'normal'!


Oh,forgot say,my doc also refused to do vit B12 as said something about it being indicated only if other levels r abnormal(haemoglobin?)and also refused cortisol test cos said it would be indicated by sodium potassium levels,but they didnt even do those!hat doc is stingy w tests !i try ano one next time!ridiculous..


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