Its the ALIENS!!!!

Seriously, forget Pernicious Anaemia and Hypothyroid, I'm now relatively sure i was abducted by aliens! From actual Alia!!

1 - Feel like I haven't actually been to sleep for a month. - because they take you at night, right!! :o

2 - Arms full of injection marks - Experimentation!! :o

3 - feel breathless - because I'm no longer used to Earth's atmosphere!! :o

4 - lost memories and confusion - They are stealing my thoughts!!! :o

5 - Keep falling over - because I'm no longer used to Earth's gravity, obviously!! :o

6 - Picking up alien interference in my head - They speaking in constant low level droning or buzzing with the occasional high pitched whistling - I HEAR THEM!!! :o

I need Sculder and Mully on the case, stat!

DAIZED. Or am I?

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  • *like* So funny!! :) xxx

  • And true - Lock your windows, Louise. They are coming.... <takes more meds>

  • Just because you're paranoid....

  • ....doesn't mean the aliens aren't eating your toast.

  • *like* xx

  • :D

  • Funny Girl! Love it!!!! :D

  • Great stuff - it's good to laugh :)

  • Fantastic. Glad to see you still have a sense of humour

    Liz :-)

  • your so clever that why their after you...:-)

  • Told my doc I thought all my symptoms were down to aliens, he said at least it wasn't something ridiculous like hormones or vitamins.... :D

  • lol! :D

  • love it. think we should go to our gp with this. they might agree with you rather than dx you with hypothyroidism.

  • Exactly, Jen. Maybe "they" are aliens too..... ;)

  • So funny :)

  • No - honestly, it's not us aliens.

    Maybe you should be asking the subterranean dwellers?

    There's effectively no gravity at the centre of the Earth...


  • Morlocks!

    (does Vitamin D deficiency create canabals?) J

  • love the alternative outlook [ just shows that with humour it CAN lift your --spirits-- ] .....sounds like I've been there ........i'm not really paranoid ----- and neither is the guy that keeps following me !!!!!!!! keep going with your attitude.....LoL alan

  • Wow - this happened to me too! The 'real' me was beamed up years ago. The replacement me was sadly a faulty prototype and the aliens forgot to put the batteries in... ;)

  • Lol that's what happened to me I think just after a total thyroidectomy

  • Lol sooooo funny, there's a lot of em out there, they forgot my batteries too x :)

  • I think I got the cheap batteries, the ones that attract inanimate objects to jump out at you. Off to make a tin foil hat.

    I just had a vision of us all at the GPs with tin foil hats.....maybe would make the GP look up from the screen for a change!

  • Wonder if it's the rocket salad diet which attracted them. Perhaps cream cakes are the only answer .

    My daughter has an FBI jacket not quite Sculder and Mully but she could pop round :)

  • They had me again last night - Judging by how I feel today, I fought a Gorn (star trek joke) in the Arena for their amusement - and lost badly. :(

  • It was you that told them where to fine me you noughty girl lol

  • Thanks for giving them my address.... lol

  • Not me!! I think they must've got it from Edward Snowden ;) Ohhh I'm so topical!! LOL

  • He just pointed the aliens at the NSA. :-)


  • It would explain the different language the doctors speak if THEY were the aliens

  • I am soooo going to make myself a tin foil hat...! Seriously - my GP will not notice.

    Well, not unless the aliens transmit a photo onto her computer screen - with instructions to hand out a packet of anti-depressants...

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