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Taking a positive from a negative

So I was diagnosed only 7 weeks ago with an under-active thyroid and prescribed 100 mcg of levo and put on iron tablets.

Thanks to this wonderful website I soon discovered they should be taken at least four hours apart, my GP did not mention anything about this to me.

However, today I received a phone call from the surgery informing me that the doctor says these two tablets shouldn't be taken together.

My follow up appointment is next week, so the positive I am taking is that possibly, just possibly my GP is doing some research into this condition.

Fingers crossed!

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Hi there and welcome to the site!!

I currently take levo (75mcg). I'm not aware of the tablets to be taken 4 hours apart as I take mine one after the other. Sorry I can't help you out with that!

Your GP is right, iron and levo should not be taken together. I don't take anything other than the levo itself, but that's a bit strange how your GP has left it so late to then tell you that you can't take them together! :o

There are always helpful people on this site so any questions don't hesitate to ask!

I've got my fingers crossed for your follow-up -- good luck!! Any results you have post them up here and someone will be around to help you out if you have any queries with them!!

Best wishes :)



Oops -- read your comment wrong. I take the levo tablets one after the other as I take one 25mcg and then 1 50mcg. XD


Oh I see! No i just take one levo pill!

Going to get my results from my first blood test and my new one next week and will definitely post them as I have no idea what it all means! The doctor did mention she was going to write to an endo for advice so maybe some news on that too....


Wow!! It's surprising how many doctors ask other specialists for advice - I can easily see my doctor going down that route at some point as I had an elevated thyroid autoantibody count (84 with normal below 34) and they explained to me that what I had was autoimmune but that was as much as they could tell me. I must've been the first case of Hashi's or something that they've ever come across!! :)

Their best bet would have been to perhaps ask an endo or refer me to the endocrinology department at my nearest hospital if they weren't really sure, and it would have answered questions they had, but alas they didn't.

Hope you get to hear back about your doc asking an endo for advice - to me that is progress in itself. :)


Thank you! I have not been taking my iron with my thyroid as I know how easily iron is not absorbed,but I have never been told!

never take iron with caffeine or milk and always with vitamin C, a glass of fruit juice, but too much as this is full of sugar!


That's interesting - my OH takes Iron and was told to take it on an empty stomach.

Also keep the 4hr gap for calcium.

Jenni x


Thanks for the tip about the vitamin C!


hi Im surprised that you were immediately put on to 100 levo; i always understood you had to introduce it really slowly, Im on 100 mcg levo but it took me at least 6 months to get there!

i take iron in the norning and evening with meals nd take my levo at night before sleep so there is no clash.....i find its much easier to take it at night; there are no clashes with anything! (including food)


A few people have said this, it did make me feel a bit unwell for about a week and then I went back to feeling how i'd always felt.

Got myself into a routine taking levo in the morning and iron at night.




A little reading to get your education started:)


I hope he reads thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/index....

for proper information.


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