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Memory loss and hypothyroidism

Hi, I've had hypothyroidism for 20+ years and have noticed that memory is appallingly I can't recall a lot of long term memories and as for my short well let's just say what am I writing this for? No but seriously it's terrible. I work and have a responsible position and its really having a serious effect and I am worried that I will get sacked, so my question is ..what can I do to improve my memory????

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Get your dose right...

I was in a dreadful state - always forgetting the kids' PE bags, library books etc, and then at work would just forget really important things. I didn't realise how bad it was until I was given an increase in thyroxine. I now take 50 mcg more than I did when I could hardly remember anything, and feel so much better.


Hi am already taking 150mg a day and my TFTs always come back within the normal parameters. I am frustrated and worried sick that this is just going to get worse and worse .


There is 'normal' and 'optimal'. I have always been 'normal', even before treatment, and the difference in me is amazing. I need my TSH to be suppressed (below the bottom range, so supposedly hyper) with my T4 high in range. My T3 remains low-mid range whatever I do, but that's another story.

If I were you, I'd get the results, including ranges. If you TSH is above 1, it is likely to be too high. 150 mcg is a reasonable dose, but some people take more.

Also, vitamins are very important. Have you had a B12 or D test, or iron? I feel so much better after starting supplements. I suspect my B12 was very low for many years, which contributed to my problems.


Sorry mcg


Have you had tests for ferritin, B12, Vit D all can contribute to memory loss as they effect the conversion of your thyroxine to the useable liothyronine?

A multivitamin such as Floradix might tide you through whilst waiting for blood tests.


I suspect your low TSH is causing all of your T4 to convert to Reverse T3 which blocks the T3 and stops it from working. This can cause significant memory problems as well as hypo symptoms. I was diagosed with Alzheimer's Disease when I was struggling to find the correct medication for my hypothyroidism but since I stopped taking T4 and went to just taking T3, I have improved dramatically. Recent memory testing shows that my memory has improved to where it was over 5 years ago! Even my dementia diagnosis is being questioned now!

An excellent source of information about T3 is the book by Paul Robinson "Recovering with T3 ". It has really helped me and given me my life back.



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