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Thyroid advice please!!

I got diagnosed when I was 17. My symptoms have never been too bad till lately. I've been extremely tired but suspect this is connected with late working nights. Anyway I keep getting pain in left side of my head, it's sore if I lean down then get back up even my eyes been sore to touch but now my left arm keeps getting pain from between elbow to wrist, my shoulder and leg are starting too but not sure if its anxiety. Anyone else get symptoms like this? Xx

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These do not seem like thyroid symptoms, apart from the extreme tiredness which is a non-specific symptom associated with many conditions. While the head and eye pain could be caused by a sinus headache, sinus headaches as I remember them are not focussed specifically to the left of the head and do not give rise to arm, shoulder and leg pain.

You are not imagining these symptoms, it is not anxiety, so if GP is dismissive of them insist that they be investigated. draw attention to the fact that they are associated with the left side, as you describe them.


I used to get a lot of pain on the left side of my head, at one point I took steroids while the doc did blood tests for trigeminal neuralgia, it wasn't that though. I used to get repeated bouts of sinusitis too, my eyes felt like they were getting sucked into their sockets and all the area round my eyes and cheekbones used to hurt, used to feel like imene had punched me in the face ( well no one ever has but i imagine that is how it would have felt if someone did!) I also got a sore left ear and even my teeth hurt on that side.

Since I have been diagnosed with Graves and given Carbimazole and thyroxine I have had no problem - apart from getting sore eyes again today but we went out for a long drive in the car and I think it was caused by the air conditioning blowing cold air in the direction of my face.

Used I have arm pains like you have too. All part of the thyroid problem though and the pain in my arm has improved while other ones are still the sme / come and go.

Are you overactive or underactive?

Liz x

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I replied to this below I'm so frustrated I can't feel end of my ring finger now xx


I get left sided headaches, pain in my neck, shoulder, arm, breast and more recently my leg and it is definitely worse the more hypo I am. For me I think it's part of the fatigue and muscle weakness. Not sure why it only affects the left side except that I'm righthanded. Had a lot of investigation over the years which led to breast surgery, a procedure on my jaw, and had physio and treatment at a pain clinic. Nothing really helped until I was on a half decent dose of thyroxine. They haven't completely gone but I still don't think I'm adequately treated.


I'm underactive, thing is I have suffered anxiety in the past so I feel like every time I go to the doctor try dismiss me. It does affect my teeth and ears but this time it really doesn't feel like a migraine. I've had this pain since Friday now. I can barely get up in the morning I tried ringing docs today and had about 30 seconds till the lines opened but I fell asleep! I'm so fed up I'm only 24. My left wrist is so painful and the work i do isn't going to help, nor does the fact I have 2 young children :(


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