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New to the UK and searching for endocrinologist


I recently relocated to the UK and I am looking for a recommendation on an endocrinologist near Cambridge, Oundle, or Peterborough. After 14 years of being on spot with my med levels I recently had some out of range issues at my last annual spot check and I am trying to find someone soon to avoid running out of my synthroid.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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You do realise that Synthroid is not available in the UK?

This page might help you to understand what we have:

If you want to stick with levothyroxine under the Synthroid brand/formulation, you are going to have to either find someone who will write a private prescription and then find a pharmacy who will obtain it for you. (I can't recall anyone who does this - but that could be my memory. And it might not even be possible for the pharmacy to source it.) Or buy it yourself from abroad.

Sorry, have no endocrinologist recommendations.



Thanks for the link. I may have to find a way to have labs drawn here for my endo in the US and keep paying for my synthroid through my US health insurance. Unfortunately generic levothyroxine has not worked we'll for me in the past. Great info!


Information about private testing here:

At least some companies offer tests that use finger-prick samples and avoid the need for a phlebotomist.

If you get Synthroid sent through usual channels, it is likely to incur charges - about £8 to the Post Office (or other carriers - who might charge more) plus VAT at 20% on the total of product value plus postage. And might have to pick it up from the carrier/PO yourself. Also, that whole process delays delivery by at least days.

Also, if you click on the blue "Reply to this", your response gets indented below what you are replying to, and the person gets an alert email.



Thanks I realized my error after I sent my last post. I will have to read up some more about the finger-prick testing. I actually just discovered a pharmacy in the US that will deliver to my PO box and transferred my last scrip over. I refilled before we came out but I don't want to wait until day 80 and realize I'm almost out of pills. Thank you for the info!


Assuming you mean an APO?

All military mail between the U.S. and overseas locations is subject to customs inspection in the country of destination, and customs declarations must normally be attached to packages and larger mail pieces.

So you might end up having to pay something - I have no idea what the detailed arrangements are.



Unfortunately generic levothyroxine has not worked we'll for me in the past.

Just as all 'brands' are not identical, all 'generics' are not the same! If you have not yet tried any of the UK manufactured levothyroxines, you can't assume they won't work for you :)

If your 'relocation' to UK is permanent, you would presumably become eligible for your levo to be prescribed through our NHS, which would be much more cost effective for you in the long term. Hence you might want to at least give our levothyroxines a try. However, if your stay here is temporary then getting your own bloods done for your US endo to continue to prescribe probably makes most sense.


I have been trying to find a good Endo in the same area as you for over a year apparently we don't have any in this area. So it's London or Midlands area we have to search. And I have to buy my Armour medication from the USA. Good luck with your search.


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