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New Member - Male 36Yrs of age, recent Diagnosis 2 x Levothyroxine 25mg starter dose & my Muscles & Joint's ache ? I also feel so tired ?

My Symptoms have gotten worse not better, I have known for years i wasn't right and my Doctore reckons by Christmas I will be on the correct level and i should have my life back and feel well again, but I am walking like my Grandad (no offence grandad), It eases after a few minutes but as a mobile service engineer I am up down and in and out of my car all day, so I'm hoping i wake up differently or I will call my Dr, I am only on 25mg!!!!! so I am confused can anyone shed any light Please? Thanks in advance and apologies if my first post breaks the standard protocol.

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Im the same i used to jog before and go to gym and just sleep all Saturday afternoon .Since diagnosis and on 100 thyroxitine my joints ache i knelt down today at work and was worse than my patient .Im taking fish oil and coconut oil hope this will oil the joints . I feel i should be getting better not worse !!


Thanks for the tip glen, Yesterday I had pain in my feet along the top muscles (a tender area for over 2 Years and after taking 2 Tablets i have new Muscle pain around my knee and down my legs. Maybe i need to give it more time, Thanks again


By Christmas? Having started on 50mcg (? 2 x 25mcg levothyroxine tabs ?) but later you refer to 25mcg, so not sure I get your drift, but let's say, only 25mcg, your GP could raise this dose to 50mcg straight away, then in 5-6 weeks raise dose, blood tests to see how things are going until optimal dosage is reached. If you really are on a miserable 25mcg this is the tiny starter dose for the aged or those with heart conditions. You are young and presumably fit so do not understand why GP is so cautious. No wonder you feel worse, this happens when the dose is too low, and for too long, all explained on Dr Lowe's site. Same thing happened to me, was started on 50mcg, left on it for months, I knew no better, so was sinking without trace then rescued by endo plus Dr Toft.

When exactly were you diagnosed? How long have you been on 25mcg (50mcg??) You do know that you are entitled to copies of blood tests, just ask GP. Start file, enables accurate posting of levels plus ranges, ranges vital as labs ranges differ, so if you run into trouble you can get advice on this site.

For a very useful outline of thyroid problems there is Dr Antony Toft's "Understanding thyroid disorders" about £5 Amazon/chemists, will find outline of starter treatment plus much other info in it which might be useful later on in your treatment. Dr Toft past president of the British Thyroid Association, plus it is a BMA publication, GP cannot argue with Dr Toft.

Also the main site

has a lot of invaluable information you really need to know.


I agree with you , nostoneunturned. ja50n01, you may be young and fit now but unless you get the right treatment, that could change.

It is vital that you are not left on a low dose for too long, because you are likely to have raised cholesterol and continue to have the pain you are already suffering.

I do hope that you can get the dosage sorted.

Marie XX


What are your blood levels? You may find you need an increase.


How are you getting on? I asked my friend the same thing, why am I more tirede now I am on Levothyroxine? And she explained it by saying the Levothyroxine speeds everything up so its no wonder I am feeling more tired. I don't know how true that it but it seems plausible.


Hi all

Thanks for the info and advice, my muscle pain and walking got worse, however blood tests confirmed I had a Viral infection, that's subsided now but I still have pain in every muscle in my feet and around my knee, but have a blood test coming up with a look at increasing my levels. My Dr may be airing on the side of caution with the 25mg of levothyroxine due to my daughter having a severe heart condition. Also I am young however I have gained a lot of weight over the last 10 years (since I gave up smoking), so she may want air on the side of caution. I am 6ft and weight just short of 20 stone, but I am stocky and do lots of mountain hiking. But I am convinced when I get my levels right and feel better, I will be able to get down to my normal weight. I will definitely be buying the recommended book as right now I have felt not quite right for years and need to understand what's going on with me. Thanks all

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