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To cut a long story short

Most of us on here have long stories so I will do my best to be brief. The endo at local hospital agreed for me to continue on t3 but refused to increase it. My gp was sympathetic but stated that she didn't know enough to increase it without his agreement! She suggested I get a second opinion if I told her who I wanted to see. After much research I decided to go to Dr S who doubled my dose and said to see him again in 2 months - great!!! At last I may feel like me again!!! Imagine my dismay- horror-guilt at spending the money and having my hopes of feeling better all dashed when I felt worse and worse day by day. Some of my hypo symptoms came back and I really wanted to die I felt so bad. On Sunday morning I was up early after another horrendous night when I decided to look at this site and saw the article re the investigation into low potency of t3 in 2 batches. I immediately checked mine to find the bottle I was on now was one of the batches in question and the last bottle was the other batch mentioned!!!! So for 5 weeks I have been taking questionable medication. So now I am trying to get another prescription and also trying to contact Dr S (not easy) to rearrange my appointment. Will I ever get better?

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I hope you have returned the duff t3 you have been given.

Make sure you yellow card it as you have never been officially informed of the major problems they have had with those batches.

If I was the nhs I wouldn't ever use Mercury again because of the way this has been handled. Or is it the way the nhs has handled this whole shambles.


I did yellow card it at weekend when I found out about the duff batches. How do I find out about the major probs you refer to?


Just wanted you to know that I'm sure you will feel better. I also felt terrible you on the possible low potency pills but after a week on a new batch am feeling sooooo much better! Have told my husband to remind me if I feel like this ever again but have also started to record the batch numbers as a precaution as I didn't know how long I had been on the poor batch. P.s. yellow card is straightforward!

Hugs, Mary


I filled in a yellowcard a few weeks ago because I was upping my t3 from 60/70 to 100 and I srill didn't feel anything different. I came to the conclusion that there was no active t3 in the dodgy lio.

Jo xx


Does anybody have the numbers for the bad batches? I've obviously missed this!



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