....I don't think I have read anywhere on here about taking T3 after the removal of thyroid in the case of cancer. I would appreciate any experiences/links that anyone could share.

Something tells me that it may not be a good thing - if it speeds up the metabolism, does that mean it may also encourage rogue cells too ?

Thank you...........

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The aim of thyroid hormone treatment post-TT for cancer always seems to be to suppress TSH.

I have NO understanding of whether high T3 (relatively) could impact on cancer cells, but if the general idea "suppressing TSH is a good thing" is right, then perhaps it makes little difference how that is achieved - by T4 or by T3?

Would be really good to get a knowledgeable answer.


....thanks Rod - yes I agree it would be. If T3 works at a cellular level to speed things up - then the last thing we would want for anyone is to speed production of the rogue cells. My simplistic thinking comes from what I have read over the years that cancers are slow growing in older people when their cell renewal has slowed down......possibly due to lowered metabolism I now realise.

I entirely see where you are coming from!


...you are rare indeed ! Back to the tennis !

Most patients do better on Natural Desiccated Thyroid after thyroidectomy, which includes T3 as well as T4.

.....thank you for this information. Is this from experience ?

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