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Scalloped tongue and neck pressure anyone?

So last week I had an episode where my tongue down into my throat felt very strange, possibly as if it was swollen. I went to look in the mirror and noticed I had a scalloped tongue as well. This only lasted for an hour or so and then I felt fine again.

Last night I was in bed about to fall asleep and I experienced the same feeling but even worse, with the addition of the feeling of pressure around my neck and up to my ears. The scalloped tongue was also back.

This time, however, the feeling hasn't passed and I still have the pressure around my neck and towards my ears. My neck is also slightly swollen.

Is this a normal symptom of hypothyroidism? I started on 100mcg of levo last month having only just been diagnosed.

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My private GP (not to be confused with thick-as-a-brick NHS GP) told me that the feeling of pressure on the neck or being irritated by anything on around the neck, eg a scarf is typical of hashimoto's

Hope that helps somewhat


Personally my opinion is you should head for your GP now. and not assume this is normal.

In any case, your dosage should be due for review as usually these are 4-5 weeks after starting levo

You are entitled to copies of blood tests so you can post results plus ranges (labs differ) here.


Hi Swollen tongue, typical of Hypo.Neck needs an ultra sound, if enlarge with nodules, then a needle biopsy.Make sure for the thyroid you have had TSH, T4 and Free T3 tested.

Best wishes,


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