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Hi i am recently diagnosed hashimotos hypo.i started 25mcg of levo last thursday. i was admitted to hospital on weds after severe vertigo and shaking and blood pressure nearly 200! i noticed yesterday that i had a good day until about 5pm thenfelt exhausted and balance poor again. i took levo at 9 in hospital and 7.30 at home is this too early? feel a bit rough today.woke up ok but by the time got out of shower was a bit shaky and not quite right. i am offwork with labrynthitis, hadlow potassium and thyroiditis and am awaiting a thyroid scan in next week or so as they couldnt do in hospital. thanks

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Hi Ruby

I'm sorry that you didn't get any answers to this. It may be because there was no specific question.

Can I suggest that you post again.

This may be helpful in the meantime:




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