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T3 pricing, Dosage, best place to source, conversion to T4 and T3 ratios or T3 alone. recommended private/nhs endos


Hi again my spirits are up a little again after the support received earlier.

I am not impulsive but have a need to understand a lot more to prepare my next moves to help me regain some of my life..

I am totally ignorant on much but have read tons on many posts. so here goes

I am aware of the policy of sources of T3 (are not allowed to be advertised) so please could people message me with the costs and sources of T3 abroad.

I need lots of help to move forward and do not know of the dosage. I am currently on 175mg of Levothyroxine (increased 4-5 weeks ago) and would like to know if someone opted for T4/T3 combo how do you calculate the dosage of both?

Also T3 alone how have others managed this and has anyone made the change without a GP/Endo input.

I only have been given 4 blood results and have an idea of some necessary tests required but not all. could you please advise.

Also I have learnt what is critical is empathy,understanding of throid disease when discussing with GP and Endo. I know you cannot post here but my post code is NE25 ,does anyone have any recommendations they can message me.



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I will PM you

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