NEED ADVICE! seeing my consultant today after 18 months on 40mg of carbimazol for graves disease! any questions i could ask?

im seeing my consultant this morning for the first time in 18 months, i had a blood test on monday but not too sure what it was testing.. im still not clued up as i were before but want to atleast have a tiny idea of what he is on about today! because fed up wit it all now! :(

Does anybody have any questions i could ask him or for levels i want to be tested for? any suggestions would be a great help! ive only written one other blog/question which explains everything ive gone through if its any help!

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  • i took Carbimazole for years and felt awful.... with heart palpitations and so on. My endo. recommended a thyroidectomy, which I eventually went with. I suppose it depends what your symptoms are and how you feel while taking Carbimazole..... it might work better for you than it did for me.

  • Sorry for the late reply, hope it went well with your consultant.

    How come you haven't been seen by them for 18 months & have been kept on such a high dose of carb? I see my endo every 3 months max & have had my carb increased & reduced several times (mainly reduced although on hugher dose again as t4 started rising) since I started.

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