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how long would the sedation from endoscopy be in my system?

I am having an endoscopy on Thursday and would like to know how long the sedation might be in my system? I need to do an Adrenal Saliva test as soon as afterwards as I am going abroad soon.

Would the sedation affect cortisol level? and if it does how many days should I ideally wait before doing the saliva test?

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I would be very careful - i just refused a gastroscopy and colonoscopy because in Jan i had a very bad reaction to fentanyl and midazolam (used in another operation) - the same drugs they use for these procedures.

It took me a good 3 months to recover. I was debilitated with chronic fatigue, vertigo, brain fog, etc.

I later found out that these drugs are contra indicated with Hypo T and adrenal insufficiency.

My consultant tried to say it wasnt so - but i experienced it first hand and found some info online that corroborated my findings.

2 months after use of the drugs in an op, my cortisol levels had plummeted, which correlates with how i was feeling.


Hi That is unusual, many drugs can be used always a good idea to remember if some give you a bad reaction, for future. Sorry you had a bad experience



Hi It wear off almost immediately , unless like me, you can only have very little, but if so just tell them first, after all not like surgery if you wake up! Not sure about the cortisol test but if having the best one, involves bloods, urine and cortisol tablet, Endo or if not GP, then ask them.Otherwise ask the Lab doing the test. These days all sedation is different and given in small doses with no after effects,, except for a couple of hours cannot drive etc.

Have a good holiday!

best wishes,



Ive had a endoscopy & colonoscopy and didn't suffer any effects I was aware of what was happening during the procedure & watched my insides on the screen, lovely! I felt 'normal' ;-) within a couple of hrs! Speak to the anesthetist they will be able to tell you for sure.

Could you opt for the throat spray instead? X


You can have the endoscopy with gas and air instead - effect goes in minutes. I don't recommend it unless you have a high pain threshold and don't hyperventilate if you have to breathe though your mouth., though. It's the only option for those of us without a chauffeur and live in assistant.


thanks all for your replies.....

Bluedaffodil you scared me now :-(

Angel of the north, I think I will have the sedation I don't think I can bear the pain and the gag reflexes.

I asked the lab -genova diagnostic, they said wait until Monday to be on the safe side.



Hi Ocean

I had the throat spay - supposed to taste of bananas!!! Was very apprehensive of the gag reflexes but the nurse was holding my face and was very close to me all the telling me to "breath in through my nose and out through my mouth" - it was not pleasant but OK and I suffer from claustrophobia too!!!!

You will be fine.

Good Luck let us know how you get on


thanks a lot pilot44. I think I will go with the sedeation! xx


Hi I had one yesterday up my nose and down throat and wasn't offered or given anything! Very unpleasant but bearable and felt normal very quickly afterwards!

Good luck!


thank you!


Hi all, I had the endoscopy and flexible sigmoidoscopy done this morning. I had the sedation and don't remember much! do not remember anything really. I am home and doing fine.

thanks all for your replies. xx


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