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Is there a connection with excessive muscus and thyroid???? and intermittant right hand swelling and finger tip pain??

trying to eliminate some of my symptoms, every day for over a year, I have excessive mucus, its clear and no infecttion, driving me nuts, the sinus cavity keeps swelling but dont feel I have a infection.

The right hand keeps swelling and pains ( mildly) occasionally my fingertips expercienced the most debilitating pain and goes away??

I really cant wait to start t3 see if it helps.

merissa x

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I don't know that much about the reason why there is a link btwn hypothyroid and sinus problem other than I have it too. I thought it could have something to do with myxoedema but I may be clutching at straws. Swelling of hands is not uncommon and what you describe could be carpal tunnel syndrome.You should see your dr about it. I had nerve conduction tests done but it went away by itself.



I read somewhere that when the thyroid is low mucopolysaccharides are mass produced which causes water retention. Sorry, I have no idea how this actually occurs!


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