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I was at the doctor today for my thyroid results. My FTF4 TT4 results I cannot remember the exact figures were normal but at the lower end.

The doctor said the other results were OK but she didn't have the figures but they must be OK because a box had been ticked.

I was in tears I have also recently developed reactions to food. I have had problems with my hair, nails, weight, dry skin, pain etc for a long while. Recently my dry skin has got a lot worse and I have psoriasis on my scalp and in my ears. I have a naturally oily skin it is a genetic thing but recently I have got noticeably dry patches on my face, my lips and eyelids are peeling. I can't wear make up as my skin is so dry.

She told me it was because I was stressed, I suffer from PTSD but I have done so for many years and I know how it effects me but I am not stressed it is my body that's stressed but she wouldn't listen.

She agreed to do bloods for allergy testing and to redo the thyroid test and sent me a way with a prescription for antihistamines.

By the time I got to the chemist I was crying my eyes out. I never cry but I feel so ill. I got more information from the pharmacist than I did from the doctor.

I have been offered a new job. I can't believe my luck especially when i did not apply for it.. It will be hard work which is OK but I can't take it unless I know that I will be able to do it. Reputation stands for more than any qualifications in my profession and I just do not know what to do.

I seriously thinking of paying to see someone.

This is far more debilitating than PTSD at least I know how to deal with that..

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tilly, as everyone says on here..get a print out of your test results. Seems really shabby that they were not in front of the Dr..they should be on the screen at least.

Go into surgery and ask reception for a print out and post the results with ref ranges on here and or

Do you visit bound to more help on there than the 'tick the box' Dr.

All the best with new position.


Thank you Wyn

I'll make sure I get a printout when I get the next lot of results.

I appreciate your help.

Kind regards



Hi Tilly, go on the Thyroid Uk main site and look up symptoms, print it off and tick ghe boxes that apply to you. It's unfortunately very likely that you should have been diagnosed with your symptoms. GP's tend to ignore Patient's symptoms and rely on the blood test which is quite wrong.

I developed psoriasis in my armpits for years, it was caused by low thyroid function.

Something you can do at home to help your diagnosis is tske your morning temperature before rising. If it's low for 5 days there's a good chance you're hypo. Record the temps for your doctor.

I'm afraid all too often you have to educate yourself and push like crazy to get diagnosed and treated effectively. It's a sad fact that the majority of GP's are absolutely clueless in diagnosing hypothyroidism.

Excuse typos, silly phone!

Thank you very much

Looked at the list of symptoms you are right. I tick a lot of the boxes. I'll get a thermometer tomorrow and check my morning temperature.

Kind regards


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That's no problem Tilly, most of us have gone through this battle.

To get diagnosed I took before and after pictures, the ticked Thyroid UK list , 5 morning temperatures. You unfortunately have to almost make a case for yourself. Ask for a cholesterol blood test too. If you've been hypo for a while it pushes your cholesterol up. I went from the 3's to 7.7 for instance. One of the reasons my doctor decided to start Levothyroxine. You usually start on 50mcg then after 4 weeks or so keep raising it by 25mcg until your symptoms improve. You usually need at least 10mcg for each stone you weigh. Not everyone converts the T4 in Levo to the needed T3, but that's another topic.!

You really do sound very poorly, don't neglect yourself. You can get very damaged by hypo if it goes on a long time without being treated.

Doctors just don't join the dots, they often have no idea what the symptoms are, hence you taking the list in. My doctor's face was a picture.Ii don't believe the blood tests are accurate at all, but you must get T4 tested as well as the tsh, T3 is a good idea but a lot of labs won't do them. It's a minefield, i'm so glad you're on the forum for advice!

Thanks again for your advice. Will be back at the doctors next week if my daughter can get the day off she said she would come with me.


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Good Luck with everything!



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