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HELP: School Vouchers/Sainsbury/Tesco

Hi there, should you be offered school vouchers at the checkouts, currently Sainsbury doing these and later on Tesco. And... you have not use for them: I am collecting for the education service inside Ipswich Hospital:

So if you have a wadge and could collect them for me, please mail me and I will say where to send them, They are trying to get their room full of interesting things.. and like everything, a tiny budget. Would be so grateful if you could help me boost their collection, Cheers. Mary F x

and if you have a burning desire to post a load now; The School Room, c/o Mary F,

Boxford Ward


Ipswich Hospital

Heath Road




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I wish I knew this ages ago xx I kept saying for the cashiers to pass them on to others who can use them. I will accept them all from now on.

As for Tesco's doing something similar, I will look when I go back in on Thursday and see when it is starting etc. The joys of working the Customer Service Desk!! I will see about getting a box on the desk for vouchers that people dont want xx

Ann xxx


thanks.. I meant to ask on here yonks ago... much appreciated! Mary F x


hi mary , I have been , for the last three years , arrainging through Tesco,s chief exec.s office [ contact and direct details if you need them ] for my nearest main store to have a collection box placed on the customer desk .......this has been for the ONLY special needs school in my entire area.....I arrainge for the local press to 'do a little splurge on the final handover , this then goes into Tesco's own internal newsletter, I have ,through my contact found out that this years vouchers will start in September so that schools can order and receive their items in time for the term starting in the new year . so far in the past three years I have raised 98500 vouchers and the school has reaped approx. £14-16,000 worth of equipt ------ everyone wins the students make the boxes,tesco get a little positive advertising,the staff in the store get some brownie points,the local press get some good news to print, and far more importantly the school ----as I said it is the ONLY special needs school in the area, and they teach and take CARE of all [ from lerning needs through to tetra-plegic ] -----now gets a terrific amount of equipt. that then goes on to help all students and staff....if you want any more info e.mail me and I will pass on details.....alan


Thanks: Mary F x


sorry mary , the provisional date that Tesco's have for the voucher start is 5th august.....alan


Hi Mary, I'll collect mine for you. Drop me a pm with where to send them.


Hi there, just address them to The school Room, Boxford Ward, Ipswich Hospital, Heath Road, Ipswich Suffolk, IP4 5PD thank you very much, so helpful x


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