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I asked doctor "IS IT MY THYROID ANTIBODIES MAKING ME FEEL LIKE THIS" Doctors reply "no it is probably a virus"

How many more times is the doctor going to tell me I problaly have a virus !!

Getting to the point when you want to give up but that is not me, I never give up.

Just been looking up other doctors surgeries in my area, as I seem to be getting nowhere at this practice.

I am 44 but I feel like I am in my 70's with aches and pains and all the other symptoms of hypothyroidism.

Had a letter on Friday from the hospital saying that a report had been sent to the doctor from my sleep apnea test on the 18th April but the doctor saying it has not arrived yet.

My only hope now is that this report may refer to my thyroid been the cause of my problems.

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He's just covering his ignorance with a stock phrase. I swear they are handed out a little booklet when they leave med school called: 1000 Things to Say When You Don't Know What You're Talking About. The phrase 'There's a lot of it about" comes from that booklet.

I'm afraid I can't remember your details - although I recognise your name. Refresh my memory; have you had blood tests for thyroid? Are you on any treatment at all?

When are doctors going to learn that sleep apnea is a thyroid symptom! No need for sleep clinics and all that malarky, just give us some hormone, for gooodness sake!

Hope you get some action soon, Grey x


PS Meant to say that the thyroid antibodies are making you feel bad indirectly, because they are destroying your thyroid so that it can't make enough hormone for you to feel well. Directly it's the lack of thyroid hormones that is making you ill.


Hi grey,

I am not on any treatment at all despite asking for a trial a few times now.


TSH - 3.7 (range 0.4-4.0) (fasting test)

FT4 - 15.1


TSH 3.41 (non fasting test)

FT4 - 14.7 (range 12-22)

Peroxidase antibodies 317 (range <49)


CRP - 10.0 (range <5.0)

Gamma GT - 115 (range <40.0)

ESR - 26 (range 4.00-12.00)

Cholesterol - 5.8 (range <5.2)

Doctor rang me at lunch time to say she has had sleep apnea test report and it said I had mild sleep apnea and it might help if I lost some weight ! Can't have had much detail on test as hardly slept that night.

Going for an ultrasound of my liver Wednesday 29th May because of liver function tests been abnormal for a long time. I do not drink alcohol and never have done.

When I told her about my voice been hoarse and a pressure feeling in my neck she took a swab.

Everytime I go to see her she seems to end up saying it has to be viral since January.

Makes you feel like pulling your hair out but no point as it is already falling out anyway, lol.


Can you see another GP (even a locum) and point out your TSH is raised and you have Thyroid antibodies confirming it's autoimmune as well as symptoms - Hair loss, are you fatigued and cold too, dry skin? (these are the classics on their diagnosis program - zebra something). not forgetting hoarse voice and pressure in throat - you should have a scan too.

don't forget to eliminate nutrient deficiencies like Vit D, irons ferritin folate and B12 too - all in the mix to feel better (esp Vit D if joint pain/muscle aches) Sorry no idea about liver stuff.

here's a link on the main TUK site about diagnosis which may help?

J :D x


Tired and cold all the time and every joint in my body been aching even more lately. I have got lots of hypo symptoms even bad heart palps before my period.

Seen all the doctors now and locums over the last few years. It was a locum that tested my thyroid back in October but she hasnt been back to the practice.

I went to see another locum doctor for the rusults was told everything was ok. Been seeing the same doctor since January as she promised she would find out what is wrong with me.

Considering moving to another surgery now.

Do you think it would be worth my while trying an ENT doctor that was a GP at our surgery (now a private ENT) but left as she was the only one that treated my daughter for a serious sinus infection, she suffered for nearly a year and it was only through seeing a nurse one day that she pointed me in her direction.


If you think the ENT doc can help ask for a referral - I was referred to ENT as a nodule was found & removed, of course that led to Hypo symptoms, but better than I was feeling before! sadly GP then coincidently suggested CFS/ME - I seem to be stuck with that - for now anyway. Meanwhile sorted Vit D and stopped most of the actual joint Pain/muscle spaz J :D x


...if your thyroid hormones are low then your metabolism is slowed right down. That will also involve all the various processes within the liver which will also be slowed. Chelation or clearing things from the liver - which is a highly sophisticated filter - can be so slow as to cause an inappropriate reading. Once treated I am sure this will improve along with lots of other things.

Maybe you should ask your doctor if it's not your thyroid then what is causing all these issues. When will they learn that sending you for various expensive tests could be resolved by treating the underlying cause.

Do hope you soon have the support you need and deserve.....


Loulabel, you have antibodies and your FT4 is way too low - it should be up near the top of the range. She has no excuse for not treating you. Except her obvious ignorance, of course. It's time to get tough. Don't ask for a trail, tell her you want a trail and you will get it any way you have to. No more Mrs Niceguy, ok? lol

Hugs, Grey


As I actually said to my own GP 18 months ago - "it isn't helpful when doctors say the first stupid thing that comes into their head". He didn't disagree.

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Well done you!


Ah the virus theory! Yep, I had that one 12 yrs ago from my GP. Her words; "It looks like you have a virus and it's taking a long time to get out of your system."

Yeh, well it looks like I still have it because I'm not exactly better. You know Loulabel, it's just a cop out as usual because they don't have the expertise to treat this condition. I do hope you get somewhere. Keep fighting.



Thank you Joan, I won't give up !


The virus theory - well someone (on another site) mentioned Cytomeglavirus being autoimmune - so 'it' or 'they' can remain in the body for years like types of herpes & break out when you are down (like shingles) - I must have had an active virus for about 10 years then - nevertheless - the question is what are they going to do about being hypothyroid! hope you get help soon J x


Awe thanks Spareribs,

Yes, I've read that all kinds of viruses can lie dormant in the body for years holed up in the bodily tissues and then become 'active' again during periods of stress, illness etc...

That's especially true of the Herpes Simplex 1 virus which I get repeated bouts of.

Trouble is, the Medical Profession don't treat these viruses. They assume most people will recover. It is clear certain individuals don't though. Many CFS sufferers often state their illness started after suffering from Epstein Barr, Glandular Fever etc...

I'm on the fence regarding a link between Viruses and Hashimoto's. Obviously something is causing the thyroid stimulation in Hashimoto's which in turn causes the inflammation. But what? And if it is a virus why doesn't everybody end up with Thyroid Disease? Arrrrggh...questions, questions...


I remember booking a blood test for my tsh and ft4 (they wouldn't do ft3, I asked) and telling the nurse I wasn't leaving until my antibodies were checked as I didn't feel stable on my meds after 14 months of being diagnosed. She refused initially until she realised I was serious about the sit in and she got a doctor to change the request for the labs ( I insisted on making sure it was on there) and after 14 months of asking for a referral, the professor of endocrinology then told me my antibodies were so high I was toxic and it would be dangerous for me to be managed by my gp. He then sent a letter of complaint to the gp.

Stick to your guns and do a sit in. Don't accept a brush off diagnosis, demand that your antibodies are checked.


Hi spindrift,

I had my antibodies checked in January after I asked the doctor for the test but she didn't really want to tick that box on the form saying she might get into trouble and the lab may not do it anyway. It came back positive results below

8/1/13 [non fasting test at about 10.30am as they only take fasting tests first]

TSH - 3.41 (range 0.4-4.0)

FT4 - 14.7 (range 12-22)

Peroxidase antibodies 317 (range <49)

Doctor said she would start treating when my TSH gets nearer to 10


Hi loulabel

I also have a problem with the Gamma GT liver test, being raised for some time now and they say they can't understand it as I don't drink!

I have Hashi's, on Levo but still feel terrible. My TSH is 2 - recently risen to this from just under 1. My doctor has tried to get the T3 and T4 test done 3 times, but the hospital won't do it as my TSH is 'normal', aaaaaaagh. I've told the GP I'm not happy - she is a locum and has agreed to refer me back to the hospital to see the Endo - will he see me - that's another story!

Good Luck



I think your raised CRP suggests inflammation in your body. This could be your thyroid under attack as in autoimmune thyroid or somewhere else in your body.Could this be why your GP is talking about a virus? I wish you luck in sorting your health out. Maybe worth insisting on a FT3 test?



Find every bit of thyroid related information about every symptom you are experiencing and collate them into a file. Then the next time the doctor turns around and tries to dismiss you with such patronising drivel you can slam the file onto their table and tell them to read and learn!!! Until we start educating these people they are going to continue behaving in this disgraceful way. Make them feel small before they do it to you... again. Some of them (mine surprisingly was) may actually be quite grateful for the information and act on it.


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