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Can anyone help me find information about Armour for my NHS endo?

Went to see my endo yesterday, and as always he gives me time, and listens and says he is open minded. He says that he cannot prescribe Armour because it is not in the local formulary (does this matter?). However, he is interested in knowing more about Armour. The last he heard (quite a few years out of date I think) is that is was withdrawn because of inconsistency. I know that this has since been addressed and the problems are sorted, but I'd like to send him some 'official' information about this. Can anyone help me access it? Thank you, LB

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Email me -




I think the first port of call should be the product's own website:

Click on the Full Prescribing Information at the right end of the blue bar and you get an 11 page PDF of detail. This is the official document that the FDA would also have checked.

Obviously this is the manufacturer's website so has some promotional puff.



Thank you Rod. That is very helpful. I have some other queries too about scholarly articles, but I will post that separately. Lisa


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