Any ideas as to where to source T3?

I have managed to track down enough T3 for the next month (I take 6 x 20mcg per day) but after that...

An independent pharmacy said that he had been told that there would not be any more T3 until September!!!

Does anyone have a source abroad? How about that pharmacy in Crete? I am loathe to just source from the internet as one can never be sure that it is the correct stuff.

Many thanks.

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  • Email Boots and Lloyds Pharmacy... if everyone does this, they will realise that there is demand and can source from abroad... get your friends and family to email them, start a facebook campaign. Raise awareness.. that's my advice.

  • I work in a pharmacy and it is not the pharmacies who can source from abroad, it is the suppliers that do that as you have to have an import license. Just dont want you to waste your time

  • My pharmacist sources medication from abroad by simply talking to the importer that she has an account with. So I can't see any reason why it would be 'wasting our time' to put pressure on our pharmacies. They are the people who are responsible for fulfilling our prescriptions with appropriate medication. If that means that they need to go to an importer, then that is what they should be doing for us.

    One obvious reason why a pharmacy would not do this for their patients is if they think they will not be fully remunerated by the NHS for supplying a medication that may cost them more because of the price charged to the pharmacy by the importer.

  • When i couldn't get a drug i needed for the rest of my life a few years back, my pharmacist sourced it from America. He did this over a two year period. Now i'm confused why this can't be done for T3.

    My previous pharmacist said he spent the bulk of his day chasing supplies of drugs people need, it's a disgraceful state of affairs.

  • As far as I'm aware, it can be done for T3. See my reply above to helen0701

  • Hi RedApple, sorry this has taken so long! Thanks for your comment. you're right if other drugs can be sourced from abroad, I don't see the problem with T3.

  • This situation with Pharmacies and wholesalers is actually getting out of hand because there is blatant profiteering going on. Recently I was prescribed a drug by my Endo which my GP refused to prescribe on a cost base because it is an unlicensed medication and would need to be brought in from abroad. He asked the advising Pharmacist to source it and they came back with a whacking great big £762 for a six month supply which was why the GP refused. When I asked my pharmacist to do the same exercise they came back with £54 for six month supply - that was through IDIS. Now you tell me that its not time for the system to change because its us as tax payers via costs to the NHS that are being ripped off.

  • I have written to 'RIP OFF BRITAIN' but if lots of us do the same, that could work!

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