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Muscle weakness - a particular problem - any ideas?

We are considering having double glazing (apart from anything else, the window frames are in a terrible state!)

We went to a local showroom, and found that the handles of the doors and windows are extremely stiff, such that I can't open them. I told the man there what the problem was, but he wasn't very helpful - probably didn't understand what I meant - and said that WD40 might work. My husband thought that was extremely unlikely.

I've looked online for gadgets that might help with this, but nothing seems to be the right thing, yet I can't possibly be the only person with this problem.

Could anyone suggest anything?

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I have muscle weakness - can hardly open a screw-cap bottle anymore. For me the problem is due to low HGH (Human Growth Hormone). A lot of hypos suffer from low HGH, although they don't know it because it's never tested for. You can have injections, but they are very expensive.

Sorry I can't help with the handle problem. I do have very much the same problem with my new windows. I can usually manage to open them - with a struggle - but have trouble closing them again. lol I've just been putting up with it, never occurred to me to do anything else. At least you have a husband to help! lol Sorry, I know that's not a solution but I often wish I had a man around for things like that.

Hugs, Grey


Mmmm thats interesting greygoose,

I get these little sparks ** .... of interesting and maybe relavant info everytime I read a blogg on here.

I have the same problem with caps I have to save all the bottles I can't open until my son comes.

I have a special tool that I use on jam jars etc; from pampered chefs that releases the vacuume ... its the caps that are the problem.

Last week my endo asked me ... how tall my parents were and had I always been tiny ?

I thought well that's an odd question to ask me ... so maybe not such an odd question after all :-)


Had you always been tiny? Does he think you've shrunk? lol

No, seriously, no, not an odd question. Both my parents are taller than I, as is my brother, and that's not the way things should be. Generally, children grow up to be taller than their parents. Certainly my kids have!

I read a very interesting article some time ago - which I can no-longer find! - by Dr Lowe about low cortisol in children. I fitted all the criteria - except that I'm not thin and blond, but then I have been hypo all my life, which might explain why I had low cortisol.

I stopped growing when I was twelve. Up until then I was always the tallest in the class at school, always put at the back for the photo. Suddenly, everyone shot up over me and I didn't grow anymore. I am 5 ft 7, which isn't exactly tiny (actually now 5 ft 6, I've lost an inch somewhere, so I have actually shrunk!) but I should have been taller. My feet are huge and my jaws are too small for my teeth. I should have continued growing but I didn't. (I don't mind - except for the big feet!)

So, maybe his question had something to do with cortisol. But as all hormones are interlinked and depend on each other, it could have had a connection with HGH. Certainly HGH and thyroid hormones are connected. You need T3 to make HGH and you need HGH to convert T4 to T3. A vicious circle, you might say. So, if you've been hypo all your life, you could have always had low cortisol and low HGH. Hence the question. But I don't really know his reasoning.

He sounds like an interesting endo. I should hang on to him if I were you!

Hugs, Grey


You do make me laugh .. its to be hopes I don't shrink !! I only just make 4ft 11in as it is .

Yes I am more than positive I have been hypo all my life.

Yes I was pleasantly surprised when I met my Endo .. he examined me physically and asked me lots of questions .. explained to me that everything has to fit together just like a jigsaw and if it doesn't there is a problem .... then sent me 6 blood tests over and above what I have had recently ....and I am waiting for the day clinic to send me an appointment to have a long synsethasen test ??? or something like that.

Then I go back and see him begining of July.

Now in the mean time .....I just got to keep my spine and bones strong so I don't shrink haha :-)

Have a good day .. hugs back


OK! So compared to you, I'm a positive giant! lol But, as I said, I should have been taller. All my friends were taller than me and had difficulty finding men tall enough! Strange that. But I didn't have that problem so that's why I'm not complaining. lol

So, he is a good endo. How wonderful! I know the test you mean, but can't remember how it's spelt. The problem with that test is the result is either black or white. You've either got Cushing's or Addison's, otherwise it says you're 'normal'. It doesn't go into the grey areas, the degrees of adrenal fatigue. So even if you're 'normal' according to that test, you still might have an adrenal problem like fatigue. And to determine that, you need a 24 hr saliva cortisol test.

So I do hope you'll keep us up-dated on the results. It would be great to know how this endo pans out, so to speak.

And a very good day to you too, Grey x


Resistance training?


What's your Vitamin D3 level like.. I found that my muscle weakness really really improved when I got mine up to 100 from the 37 I started with... Also your Iron saturation rate? I would get your D and Transferrin Saturation checked.. there may be a quick fix.. here.. don't give up on getting better!


....also B12 needs to be at the top of the range.....I have recently doubled my dose as I was experiencing hand weakness and tingling.....


First, I should apologise, as I seem to be asking a lot of questions.

I'd never thought of HGH...haven't had vitamins tested, but I have been taking D3 and B12 since the end of last year/the beginning of this, and can't say I've noticed any difference. About 10 days ago I did double the amount of B12 I was taking because of something I saw on this site.

Whenever I've tried strengthening my arms and hands, I've become much worse for weeks - I've got fibromyalgia and carpal tunnel syndrome that isn't carpal tunnel syndrome (the symptoms without nerve entrapment, even though I've had an operation on one wrist).

I used to exercise (over exercise?) a lot before this.

Thanks for the replies. It looks as though I should try to get a vitamin test, though I gather this can be quite difficult.


My answer must sound a bit sarcastic but I suggest the salesman has an attitude problem. Try a different company.

I have had RA for 18 yrs. and have ulnar deviation of the left hand and the right is drawn into a claw So really know what you are really dealing with. It took me several attempts to get what would work for me.

Keep searching, Good luck, Siskin.


You could be right about the salesman!!


Get a tube of strong material (plastic or metal pipe) that fits over the window handle. The tube should be cut to 2ft long and fit closely to the handle. Use it as an extended handle (lever). At 2 ft pipe length over a 4 inch handle you will need only an eighth of the force to move the handle. Leave the tube by the window and put it over the handle when you want to open or close the window. If you use a metal pipe, line it with some card so that it does not scratch the handles. Hope this helps though you may have solved it by now!!


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