I need a little help/advice re dosing please and also whether to see an NHS endo. Thank you

I am currently taking 25mcg of T3. It has taken a long time for me to reach this dose as originally I could not tolerate thyroid hormone which Dr P thought was most probably due to my receptors becoming very blunted as I have been left untreated for years. I had to start by crushing 6.25mcg in a glass of water and sip slowly throughout the day and build up very slowly. From last week I now manage to take T3 crushed but without water. Two months on and I now take 12.5mcg at about 6.30am, 6.25mcg at about 10.30am/11ish and another 6.25mcg at about 3pm ish. I know I am still very under medicated and feel I need an increase but am not sure exactly where to add in another 6.25mcg? Any suggestions guys?

Also my GP has referred me to an endo in a hospital of my choice (suggested by someone on here) but he has written to me and would like me to go for some blood tests the week before I see him in June. This would mean I have to stop the nutri adrenals I take (I have started to reduce them already four down to two) as amongst the tests are adrenal hormone ones but I would not stop the T3. I was confident about this but am now wondering if I should move the appointment to another time or just go for it? I asked for this referral as felt I needed to raise this topic once more with the NHS rather than being continually fobbed off and told its ME/CFS and left to deteriorate like so many others without treatment plus I’m getting into more debt. I was confident about it but now don't know if it's worth it!. My family are saying it’s up to me which I know but I’m just so unsure of it all having had such a rough ride with the NHS and some endo’s over so many years and just wanted some thoughts/suggestions/advice.


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  • Firstly can I ask why you don't increase one of your 6.25mcg doses up to 12.5 instead of trying to squeeze in another dose? Is there a reason for this - you now seem to be able to tolerate a dose of 12.5 so is there a reason that you wouldn't be able to take two 12.5 doses and one 6.25 dose through out the day?

    Secondly although I don't know much about nutri adrenal and whether you should stop them before adrenal tests I do know that taking T3 before a TSH test is likely to give a false reading of your thyroid blood results. If you don't want a high T3 reading and a low TSH reading (which could send your GP into a spin) then a gap of at least twelve hours (possibly longer) would be beneficial.

    If you are feeling much better under Dr.P can I ask why you are now going to see an NHS endo again?

    Moggie x

  • Thanks Moggie for taking time to answer. Gosh I can't see the wood for the trees sometimes and always seem to come on here when I'm at my foggiest and most dim. Yes I was thinking of another 12.5 dose and not necessarily adding in another dose though my question does read that way. Sorry I meant not stop t3 until day of test as I know not to take any beforehand. As to seeing an endo well it was to see if I could actually get a diagnosis of hypothyroidism with support closer to home as my NHS medical records state ME and I'm not sure if I can afford to keep self medicating as not worked for 3yrs used my savings and partner has lost his job.

  • Would your GP not supervise you whilst you are self medicating - I know GP's like this are rare but thought I would ask. Have also sent you a private message regarding T3.

    Moggie x

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