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When to take meds

I was diagnosed in 2007 with our 'little problem!' I've just had my bloods done and the TSH has risen from 0.09 to over 0.3 and T4 - I don't know if it was the free variety or not - has gone from 19 to over 20. My problem is, I also have IBS and have to take merbeverine first thing in the morning 20 minutes before food. Now you can see my dilema!! When should I take my thyroxin so that it has the maximum effect and not be troubled by taking it with other meds? I tried taking it at night but woke up the next day feeling decidedly 'off balance' - I also take betahistine for an inner ear problem and beta blockers for migraine! I know - I'm falling to bits!! I would be grateful for any advice. Thanks very much bloggers.

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You haven't fallen to bits yet. :-)

Is there any possibility of taking your levothyroxine the moment you wake (guessing maybe six o'clock) befire turning over to snooze for a while before getting up? That may provide a suitable slot. But it depends on your sleep/wake habits, and so on.

Some of the literature (papers) on taking taking it at night suggests that it might be better absorbed/utilised so may need a tiny reduction in dose. And you really do need to try for a bit more than one night to be sure. (If I read you right, on the day you tried you would effectively have had two doses in one day followed by a day with none. If so, not suprising that you felt a bit odd.)

By the way, you are aware that beta blockers such as propranolol do interact with thyroxine?


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Thanks for that, Rod. Yes, I've heard about the probs with beta blockers which is why I went back to my GP and she ordered bloods to be done. She said if the results were ok then she would wean me off them, but when I rang for the results all I was told by the receptionist is that the results were fine and the doc was happy with them!! No mention of a further appointment! I've decided to see an endo as I had one when I lived in England - I'm now in Scotland - and have asked her to recommend one which she is going to do this week. I hadn't taken 2 doses on one day - in fact I think I'd missed a couple of days - I know, bad me! Thanks for the info. Maggie



Just a thought, I assume you are aware of this disease:

Inner Ear, Autoimmune Disease

Bearing in mind the frequency with which people with one autoimmune disease later find they are also suffering from another, I didn't want ignore the possibility.

All the best



Wow, that was so interesting as I was diagnosed with ear problems around the same time as my thyroid went for a long walk - never to return! I had been assaulted and received a punch to my ear which I always thought was the cause of the vertigo, but for a while I had a prob with sound being 'bounced back' so that I couldn't hear properly and started shouting instead of talking. When I lie down on my right side (the problem is in the left ear) I get the same sort of sound and a fuzzy bubbling noise and I get tinnitus too. See, I told you i was falling apart - please will someone rub me out and draw me again!!

When I get to see a specialist I will ask about other immune disorders like this as it follows if your body is attacking itself in one part, then it's likely to do so in another.

Thank you very much.


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