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ive just had blood results to say thay my thyroid levels are low and my white blood cells are low could anyone help me as to what this means


i dont see my dr until tuesday. the reason they checked my bloods was because ive been having a rocking swaying motion that has been with me for four months every day its very scary has anyone else felt this way? i had my bloods taken when the dizziness started and they were fine. im a little confused. id appreciate any advice. thankyou

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....it would be helpful if you could post the actual results and their ranges.....

danid1989 in reply to Marz

i dont have them yet i see the dr on tuesday i will find out from him thanks

Hi As Marz said difficult to answer without precise tests + vital ranges. Thyroid you need basic tests of TSH, T4 and Fre T3. Low white count ,if in range is good. High it shows infection. Have you had U`s and E`s ( kidney function) done, iron/Ferritin and B12 and Folic acid. ? All autoimmune and hormonal. Diabetes too and Vit D, all go with thyroid ,if autoimmune, as usually is. How is your BP, ?Dizzy can be loads of things, I have it very badly attributed to many of my conditions. Really things are just ruled out, in the end often the cause not found. I know it is horrible, can often even be the only symptom of a virus.

Best wishes,


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danid1989 in reply to Jackie

i didnt get the actual result as i havent seen him yet the nurse just told me it wasa bit low. i just had one blood test for the thyroid as far as im aware do they need to take afew samples for t3 and t4 and so on? this did all start with a vomiting bug in january and im still suffering its very scary. ive had iron and things checked and blood sugar levels are fine urine samples are ok. my bp is perfect 120/80 oh really i was panicing about them being low. i mentioned to my dr a month bac about testing hormones however he thinks im too young for hormones to be causing dizziness??? seems strange. im 24 with 3 children. so if my thyroid levels r low does this signal underactive? i have symptoms of overactive.


Jackie in reply to danid1989

Hi One blood sample will cover TSH, T4 and Free T3, but from what you say ,sounds doubtful the GP has tested for them all otherwise it is worth getting them on line, Then showing a doc fro treatment.When ever having blood done, ask exactly what is being tested by Phlebotomist, nurse or doc, when drawing the blood. They then have to tell you by law. Then after tests back, most allow 48 hours , then ask the receptionist for a copy of all the tests with the ranges. All ranges different.

Dizziness is so many things, it can be nothing or some thing. usually if checked out, you may not still find the cause. Your diastolic ( lower reading on BP) does sound a litle on the high side, this may cause dizziness. I would keep an eye on that. Nothing to worry about without more symptoms. It is certainly worth asking for U`s and E`s, kidney function, as that could be related.Drink plenty of water. It can even be Meniere`s, autoimmune, horrible. However, at this stage, nothing to really worry about, could even be after effects of the infection you had. It should be out of your system now, from your results that you have mentioned.

Thyroid I would get the right tests and then if nothing shows, wait and see.

Have a look at all the thyroid symptoms on the main TUK site, and see if you think this applies to you.

Best wishes,


I had problems with dizziness, I felt like I was on a boat, but wasn't actually swaying around - especially when stressed - and it was primarily due to low B12. I had an mri and saw a neurologist who thought I had motor neurone. My B12 levels were low normal so the dr didn't pick them up. The normal range is 250-650 or 850 but the Pernicious Anaemia Society believe that the top reading should be 2000

You cannot overdose with B12 and apparently a deficiency of it it is very often responsible for symptoms which can lead (wrongly) to a diagnosis of MS or even dementia.

B12 lozenges work best or if yours proves to be low maybe your GP would give you some B12 shots. There is a good book called 'Could it B12' available on Amazon.

danid1989 in reply to Finola

oh really thats interesting is it a blood test that specifically needs to be taken to test for b12? i see the dr on tuesday i will ask him.

Yes they will test specifically for B12, but you might ask them to do a full range for iron and the other vits and minerals and if they have already done these you should ask the gp or receptionist for a printout of your results so that you have the lab ranges - and it is also useful to have a copy to compare your readings in the future.

You say that your thyroid is low - does this mean that your thyroid is underactive? As far as I know white cells can be low if your thyroid is underactive and untreated. Very often people with an underactive thyroid have low iron and B12 levels, so there is a strong connection between anaemia and low thyroid. We need good iron and B12 levels in order for our bodies to use thyroid hormones.

My experience has been that gps aren't really aware of this connection and can be quite dismissive of low normal iron readings.

Post your results on here and you will be helped to understand what is happening.

i had low iron when i was pregnant but i went on iron tablets and that brought it up. i had my iron checked and there didnt seem to be a problem. im suprised its low as im not very tired i would be very active and restless cant seem to relax and i lost two stone in a short space of time and i cnt get it back up. so overall what do u recommend i ask my dr to test for? vitamins and minerals? i will definately get them printed out thats a gud idea. i really appreciate your help as ive no clue about the thyroid. do u think it could of caused this awful dizziness. its been constant for four months

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