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Very interesting article - not sure if its been posted here before?

Hi All

Forgive me posting this link If it is already on the forum. I just read it tonight and it basically sums up problems with thyroid and adrenals and why you can have problems resolving them.



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Thanks for that Liizanne. A very interesting article and well worth reading. X


Thank you so much for posting this. Newly diagnosed and this has made it far easier to understand the condition!


Thank you Lizanne, I found this very helpful and will take it to my endo appointment next week! Lisa


wow Lizanne cannot thank you enough for this article. This is me, have printed it out it has absolutely hit the nail on the hammer, and I was convinced (by my own diagnosis) that this was what I was suffering from. I have actually printed it out. Many thanks.......


Yes this makes a lot of sense thanx


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