Very interesting article - not sure if its been posted here before?

Hi All

Forgive me posting this link If it is already on the forum. I just read it tonight and it basically sums up problems with thyroid and adrenals and why you can have problems resolving them.



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  • Thanks for that Liizanne. A very interesting article and well worth reading. X

  • Thank you so much for posting this. Newly diagnosed and this has made it far easier to understand the condition!

  • Thank you Lizanne, I found this very helpful and will take it to my endo appointment next week! Lisa

  • wow Lizanne cannot thank you enough for this article. This is me, have printed it out it has absolutely hit the nail on the hammer, and I was convinced (by my own diagnosis) that this was what I was suffering from. I have actually printed it out. Many thanks.......

  • Yes this makes a lot of sense thanx

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