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FNA has definitely relieved my goitre!

The continuing saga of my thyroid problem!!!!......... Well, I'm glad to say that finally I am feeling a little better. Still have the associated aches and pains but my consultant started me on medication last week, Carbimazole! I can't say that it's made a difference, it's such a low dose, 5mg once per day and anyway, after only a week, probably hasn't had time to make much of a difference to my symptoms. But today, I was booked in for a FNA and the doctor managed to drain quite a lot of fluid from my goitre. He said that I must have had a small haemorrhage because there was quite a lot of congealed blood which hadn't been absorbed back into my body, but he did manage to get some of it out so, I'm not sure if it's just my imagination but my goitre definitely feels smaller and there is definitely less pressure on my windpipe! I'm still pretty sore but the relief is very welcome and seems to be at least one less distressing symptom to worry about! My next appointment isn't until July, when I am due to see a surgeon who no doubt will advise on the next step. Just wondered if anyone else has experienced relief after FNA?

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I was wondering if you could share with me your symptoms you experienced with your goiter. I have a multi nodule goiter and i see a endo may 22 i don't know what to expect. Some times i wake in the night choking and feel like i have something pressing in my throat. Did the FNA hurt? And from your goiter do you get pain on the sides of your neck around your ears? Your answers to my questions will help me and thank you for your time . Also my thyroid blood work has been good what about yours. Thanks Again


Hi, If you read my previous blogs you will see that my goitre just appeared back in January after I had been ill with flu (I now know that the flu was a coincidence and nothing to do with the appearance of the goitre) I was extremely worried and felt like I was choking and yes, you can get severe neck pain with it! I had re-occurring tonsillitis and felt terribly poorly for weeks. The experience is awful, you feel like you have a scarf or a tie too tight around your neck, I do sympathise with you! A visit to my GP, bloods were taken and an appointment made for an ultrasound scan. Blood results showed I was "borderline" hyper. Scan was done and I was told that there didn't appear to be anything sinister. Back and forth to my GP, more bloods, referral to an Endocrinologist who took more blood and booked me in for a radioactive isotope scan. Results showed an enlarged thyroid with a dense mass in the middle of one side which the endo thought was quite likely to be blood from a small haemorrhage, probably to do with all the coughing I had done! Only one way to find out and that is with FNA, which I had done yesterday. I cant say the procedure actually "hurt", it's more of a discomfort than actual pain. It took around 30 minutes as it's done alongside an ultrasound scan. A full scan was done then the doctor put me in a position where my head was tilted back, he administered a local anaesthetic which was the most painful part and after a few minutes performed the FNA. I didn't feel anything, until he used a thicker needle, explaining that there was a lot of congealed blood within the goitre which was difficult to aspirate with the fine needle, but even then it was only mildly uncomfortable. after the procedure I was told that I might have some bruising and mild neck pain and just to take paracetamol but I have had no problem at all? I'm not sure how much fluid the doctor removed but my goitre is definitely smaller and the choking feeling has gone!!!! he said over time, the congealed blood would be absorbed back into my body but would take a while. My results will take 3 weeks then I will be referred to a surgeon who will discuss what happens next but if another FNA were on the cards, I would definitely have it done as the relief was fantastic. Don't be afraid, it's well worth it and unfortunately, necessary! I hope this helps.

Good luck



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