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results back and told 'normal' and 'no action needed' and 'you don't need a copy of the report' help?

I had blood tests taken a week ago and the results show a TSH level of 2.4 and I am told normal and no further action.

Liver function fine, cholesterol OK.

My blood pressure when taken by the nurse was fine but today my doctor says I have to go back as it was high????

There is a long family history of hashimoto's and I asked for my antibodies to be tested to be told they don't do that.

Weight gain that I cannot lose; sweats; tiredness; brittle hair; aching joints; general feeling like life is a brick wall out to hit me.....

I had surgery for a broken neck and have an internal self locked cage around C5/6/7 entry point for surgery front right of neck with nerve damage and problems swallowing; I had a fall and landed on my head with resultant brain injury which is still causing problems; I have gastro oesophageal reflux and bronchiectasis suffering bouts of aspirational pneumonia.

I have moved area and my GP does not seem to take any of my conditions with any degree of seriousness and will not refer me to local chest specialist or neurophsychologists so I have little faith in anything they do. I am in process of changing doctors!

Any ideas? is 2.4 a figure I need not worry about and not push to be taken further?

Sorry to have to ask but been going in circles for a long time now and whilst I do not want any further conditions I would like to start feeling better.

Going round in circles and want to find a dark corner to cry .... which I cant do due to brain injury!

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Maybe you don't need a copy of the report. But you are entitled to one!


Keep pushing, I felt dreadful for 4 years (similar symptoms to you), being told my blood were borderline and no treatment needed then my osteopath noticed I had a goitre (with the same blood results). Long story short, 12 months later and I've had to have surgery to remove the thyroid and can't help wondering if I would have had to go through all this if I had pushed harder with my doctor. 8 weeks after surgery I still feel dreadful but hopefully will get sorted soon. As I am still new to all this I don't understand the numbers but you are the only one who knows how you feel. Take care x


Hi The antibodies not so important as a relatively new test, the correct treatment is. You need TSH, T4 and Free T3 tests + ranges for a correct analysis. It may be you will end up having to pay on line but try the GP and pressurise them if necessary!You also need an ultra sound, thyroid. You know you are not right, you know your own body, if necessary get tough. If GP useless then insist on a referral to an endo, of your choice( not GP`so, research first.I was untreated for 20 years, untold health problems, a few down to thyroid.You also need your Pituitary tested, common problem of brain injury.

best wishes,


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