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I just thought that i would mention that after reading a recent post, I stopped eating my usual apple at lunch time. Until reading this FODMAP fact I had eaten apples for the last 10 years (along with loose motions etc)

Now after about two weeks I notice that my motions are firmer, though I still wake with an urgent need to move them. I hope that I have found one of the triggers.

Just on another note; I ate a slice of melon a while back and withing an hour had to turn the car round and only just made it into the house. My wife had had the same melon with no effects, so I suppose that is a trigger for me.


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I agree John. I used to think apples "kept the doctor away" as the saying goes, but it kept everyone else away as well as I had terrible problems with them ;-). I didn't know they were an issue as I was having fodmaps at every meal - bread, onions and garlic especially - so it was impossible to work out what was causing problems. Unfortunately for me it was all the Fodmaps, but at least now I am in control. Hope you find the other triggers!


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