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Chronic pain

Hi I am new here and am so worried. I have had lower left pelvic pain and in groin for two months. It is not sore to touch but can hurt to move or drags if standing still. It seems tender at times. I also get waves of pain in lower left real low in quite a specific pace.

Had ovarian scan all clear. Fecal occult blood clear too. Gastro consultant convinced it is my ibs but I have never had such localized pain. It is not agony but is dragging me down after so long. Have tried all the usual, colpermin, buscopan colofac no difference.

Dr said he is not worried but I am

Anyone else like this it would help


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Hi yes I get this quite often and as you say it feels like a pulling dragging feeling its not pleasant. I haven't found any quick fix but sometimes a painkiller and a well placed hot water bottle helps to take the edge off


Hi Lynne,

Thank you so much for your speedy reply. Do you have pains most days. This what worries me most as ibs should come and go

Thanks again


You poor thing it sounds horrible. I can sympathise-I have almost constant pain nowadays and am on daily morphine tablets and liquid morphine to try and manage it. You are entitled to a second opinion (or perhaps you have a good GP?) so please persevere and I hope you find relief. There is a well-known saying (amongst nurses anyway) that "pain is what the patient says it is" i.e-if you say it hurts then steps should be taken to alleviate that pain. Wishing you luck-and I agree with the tip about hot water bottles!


I have same pain in same location. Physical therapy for abdominal pain is a new specialty. After going two month, the pain subsided. The PT discovered that my Obturnator internus was affected. The pain can be triggered by eating certain food such as broccoli and by muscular stress or physical manipulation such as a transvaginal sonogram or by constipation or b.m. Then the pain came back when I ate holiday goodies! Going back to PT TOMORROw! Hope you get some relief soon.


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